Where To Find Arylina's Diary in Nazjatar

If you're wondering how to find Arylina's Diary in Nazjatar, the most important things to note are:

Here's a couple of screenshots of where I found mine - Arylina's Diary always looks the same, but it could be in one of the multiple locations within the quest area shown below:

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Arylina in Nazjatar, one of the quest giver NPCs. Also spookily reminds me of those weird shadow children things in the very first Silent Hill game 😱

90's kids and retrogamers, if for some reason you don't want to sleep - or just want some corrupted nostalgia, here's the "Larval Stalker" from the classic Playstation horror-game.

Wondering how to find Arylina's Diary in #Nazjatar - the silver cursor shows where I found it - it sapwns in different locations in the area. #WoW #WorldOfWarcraft! pic.twitter.com/n9sezYX4m1

— Chu.andGamers (@Chu_andGamers) December 20, 2019

Wondering what Arylina's Diary in #Nazjatar looks like - it's the sparkly chest looking thing 😁. #WoW #WorldOfWarcraft! pic.twitter.com/VtmCc8QTxf

— Chu.andGamers (@Chu_andGamers) December 20, 2019

So that's how you find the pesky teleporting diary in Nazjatar belonging to our transparent friend Arylina.


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