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How To Easily Back Up Your Warcraft Rematch Teams

So you lost your WTF folder somehow…. maybe forgot to back it up, or it was corrupted when your computer froze. Hours spent crafting teams to take on those Garrison Pet Battles, and Trainer Battles all-around Azeroth, Wrath of the Lich King….heck, you even had teams for the Timeless Isle. Spending hours on Xu-Fu creating


Shadow Arena: WIN NVIDIA RTX 3080 With Steam!

To celebrate the start of the Beta Season 7, you can win an RTX 3080 – just by logging in! The event ENDS on November 4th… at the time of this update, that leaves a week, or rather, 7 chances to grab your very own RTX 3080!

First off, you need the game…so to win an NVidia RTX 3080 with Shadow Arena, download Steam and download Shadow Arena . All free of charge of course!


Warcraft Blender How To Tutorial … With Cinema4D Lite and Daz3D!

A snapshot off my progress in exporting from Wow Model Viewer, into 3D Editors / Renderers like Blender3D and now Cinema4D Lite, to create awesome, cinematic-quality scenes … in order to get ahead of those darn Narcissus users ( /joke; I love that add-on – it’s spurred me on to learn these skills!.

Venom 2 Movie Review (Let There Be Carnage)

Review Pending – I will formalize my own review after a second screening of the movie. In the meantime, everybody’s favourite Gentle Man, gave a classic Moist Meter review – since i echoes my thoughts, I’ve included it here. The question therefore is; did you enjoy the film? If you could leave a comment and/or

World of Warcraft

Mounts from Argus (rares)

There are 6 mounts available from Argus. While they are relatively common and frequent, the shared timer and demand will potentially cause elongated wait-times and/or frustration. The following good bois are yours for the taking: Mounts There are six mounts that drop from seven rare mobs around Argus: Mount Rare Zone Co-ordinates  Acid Belcher Skreeg


Resident Evil Revelations 2 All Weapon Parts

Here’s your quick one-stop guide for all of the Weapon Parts in Revelations 2. Weapon Parts Gun parts are attachments that you can “attach” to your weapons in order to improve them greatly. You can switch between fire level, skill, and firepower to add elemental buildings like fire and ice, among other cool skills. You drop them on the desktop while you can update them in the Toolbox, both of which are listed in different sections.Result Part Name Max Lv Description Anti-Recoil 5 Reduces recoil when firing (*) Auto Shot 1 Weapon fires


How To get ALL 5 medals in Resident Evil Revelations 2 RAID Mode

I’m blasting through RAID mode, thoroughly enthused by all the things I’m unlocking and the cool new weapons and upgrades….even augments like homing bullets…and then suddenly, despite taking no damage, clearing all the enemies and not using a herb, some medals aren’t unlocking… it took me a short while to realize why I was only


How Much Does it cost for all avengers marketplace items?

Answer: Around $2,500 UPDATE 29th September 2021: Estimate does NOT include Black Panther and other DLC! This past weekend was the Steam Free promotion for the Avengers video game. Turns out it’s an excellent game, some almost 12 months after launch. One thing I wondered after seeing how many items are available, is how much

Video Editing

Motion Array vs Envato Elements for DaVinci Resolve Assets (2021)

If you’re looking for a definitive answer on which service you should subscribe to, you’re on the perfect page. There are no affiliate links or popups, this is my personal experience and advice so that you can sign up, confident that you’ve picked the best one for you. I’ve used both services on and off