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Resident Evil Revelations 2 All Weapon Parts

Here’s your quick one-stop guide for all of the Weapon Parts in Revelations 2. Weapon Parts Gun parts are attachments that you can “attach” to your weapons in order to improve them greatly. You can switch between fire level, skill, and firepower to add elemental buildings like fire and ice, among other cool skills. You drop them on the desktop while you can update them in the Toolbox, both of which are listed in different sections.Result Part Name Max Lv Description Anti-Recoil 5 Reduces recoil when firing (*) Auto Shot 1 Weapon fires

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How To get ALL 5 medals in Resident Evil Revelations 2 RAID Mode

I’m blasting through RAID mode, thoroughly enthused by all the things I’m unlocking and the cool new weapons and upgrades….even augments like homing bullets…and then suddenly, despite taking no damage, clearing all the enemies and not using a herb, some medals aren’t unlocking… it took me a short while to realize why I was only

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How Much Does it cost for all avengers marketplace items?

Answer: Around $2,500 This past weekend was the Steam Free promotion for the Avengers videogame. Turns out it’s a very good game, some almost 12 months after launch. One thing I wondered after seeing how many items are available, is how much would it actually cost somebody if they bought every single item in the

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Motion Array vs Envato Elements for DaVinci Resolve Assets (2021)

If you’re looking for a definitive answer on which service you should subscribe to, you’re on the perfect page. There are no affiliate links or popups, this is my personal experience and advice so that you can sign up, confident that you’ve picked the best one for you. I’ve used both services on and off

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E3 2021 – All Stream Links & Pages In One Place

(Temporary Site Template – Mid-Server Migration) For your convenience, everything E3 2021 has been compiled into one handy page. Enjoy the festivities! Thanks to KyoShiRo330 After 2 years of waiting, e3 is finally back. And it’s full of promises The e3 2021 EPK can be found here Official LinksYoutube|TwitterWebsite|Twitche3 Countdown June 12 – Ubisoft ForwardClick here

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Monster Hunter (2020 BluRay)

Helicopters eviscerated under the merciless blaze of dragon-fire. Arid, unforgiving desert landscape plays host to… … Mila Jovovich’s timeless beauty and piercing-blue eyes. Apparently there was some kind of narrative…I think a Lord of the Rings CGI dragon found it’s way into Mad Max and Jill Valentine had to come and sort things out while

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