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Alliance and Horde Soldiers(Wey Wong)

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Resident Evil 8 The Village Screens, 3D Models and Fan Art

High Res screenshots, fan art, anime-style Resident Evil and more!

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A Rare Look at Gochao the Ironfist – The Rare Mob Hidden in a Cave

Gochao looks great; his armour is high resolution – as much as MoP offered; it’s intricate, ornate, full of detail … and ironically you probably won’t see much of it. Until now…

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Covid19 Face Masks – Stylish Warcraft Designs: Are We Already Damned?

It THIS Torghast? Is a trip to Tesco now a trip to Torghast? What do I think about wearing masks? I think it’s a good idea, a dangerous idea, and (assuming they work), I think they’re capable of saving lives – sadly they manifest one of the most evil aspects of the Internet, into the […]