Windows 10 ISO Fresh Install


  • Install Google Chrome. Login. Everything is restored.
  • Install Steam; it will resync all of your saved games.
  • Have OneDrive installed and make sure My Documents is in there; that way all of your documents are exactly how you left them.
  • If you have a second hard drive; then Steam, Origin and everything else will already be on there – simply reinstall Steam and Origin to your second hard drive and it will detect all of your games, without having to download them again.
  • Install WinRar and AVG Free.
  • Run Windows Update; let it restart.

Congratulations – your PC is like new and it took in all about 30 minutes – 20 of which didn’t require effort from you – it does it automatically!

All you need is a blank DVD or a USB stick, and o run the Media Creation Tool which is available FREEĀ from Windows!

Enjoy your super fast computer!