Afterlives: Ardenweald – Did you cry?

Afterlives: Ardenweald

Within the forests of Ardenweald, keepers tend to their groves, caring for the Nature Spirits who await their rebirth. But as one keeper fights to protect his dying grove in a time of drought, he is faced with a terrible choice.


There is no concept of time in the afterlife. A lifetime for us here, is nothing there. Souls also have the ability to take only part of their energy to human life on Earth so you could easily see your loved ones before they have passed on Earth, up there.

Credits for Ardenwealed

Credits for Ardenweald
Directed by: Marc Messenger
Produced by: Taka Yasuda
Written by: Robert Brooks
Art Direction by: Laurel Austin
Illustration: Adam Baines, Jasmine Goggins, Josh Tallman, Laurent Pierlot, Will Murai, Yewon Park
Storyboard: Chap Yaep
3D Motion Story: Matthew Mead, Emily Hsu, Jared Mayberry, Cathy Blanco, Christi Kugler, Michael Taranto, James Wright, Enrique Munoz, Kaz Shimada, Daniel Kruse, Scott Trosclair, Benjamin Conner, Christopher Erickson, Ray Chih, Mike Hardison, Jon Styles
Post Production: Jake Patton, Joanna Griebel, Aaron Woitas, Rebecca Lilienfeld, Hannah Dalrymple, Ed Decker
Voice Performances: Josh Petersdorf, Max Mittelman, Maria Angelico, Tam Mutu, Omri Rose, Jeff Schine, Karen STrassman, Ray Chase, Patrick Seitz, Erica Schroeder, Michael McConnohie, Tim Russ, Patrick Seitz, Courtenay Taylor, Debra Wilson, Dee Bradley Baker, Keston John
Sound and Music: Paul Menichini, Caroline Hernandez, Ariel Wang, Brian Johnson, Erik Magnus, Larry Peacock, John Thomas, Chris Battaglia, Derek Duke, Nicholas Papaleo, Neal Acree, Gary Summers, Nathan Nance, Isaac Hammons, Andy King, Andrea Toyias, Michael Roache, Ashley Collins, Alec Santos, Peter Steinbach
Localization: Felice Huang, Thomas Floeter
Creative Development: Jeff Chamberlain, Venecia Duran, Phillip Hillenbrand, Brian Horn, George Krstic, Dennis Bredow, Sean Copeland, Madi Buckingham, Jacob Rivera, Claver Knovick, Tim Loughran, Shannon Eric Denton