Mike Tyson Roy Jones Are Streaming Comeback Fight LIVE

Just 24 hours to go before livestreaming of Roy Jones and Mike Tyson’s fight and we’re still not certain whether it’s a fight, an “exhibition”, a sparring session or something of a hybrid. The round-length is 2 minutes instead of 3, that’s for sure. On one-hand that’s 33% less value for money… on the other, it’s 33% more urgency from the fighters. We won’t really know until Saturday, but the wisest assumption is simply “charity comes first”. Charity is the reason this is happening, which will allow for pretty much anything to happen as the response from the fighters will be “we raised a lot of amoney for charity and that’s what matters most”

Mike Tyson Knocks Out Roy Jones Jr?

There’s also a chance that whatever was agreed upon, goes right out of the window, as Mike has a moment of madness and goes completely off script…kind of like his weigh-in pose:

To cap off one of the more bizarre and unexpected boxing comebacks, Mike Tyson catches Roy Jones Jr. flexing in the corner of his eye. For a brief moment he attemps to one-up Roy with an even more flamboyant bicep flex, but the look on his face (“what am I doing”) quickly punctuates a classic moment of cringe.

Mike Tyson Roy Jones Are Streaming Comeback Fight LIVE 2