Motion Array vs Envato Elements for DaVinci Resolve Assets (2021)

If you’re looking for a definitive answer on which service you should subscribe to, you’re on the perfect page.

There are no affiliate links or popups, this is my personal experience and advice so that you can sign up, confident that you’ve picked the best one for you.

I’ve used both services on and off for years, but I’ve used Envato Elements a lot more due to the variety of assets available. This guide focuses on DaVinci Resolve specifically and honestly (beware of “comparison” sites that ultimately advise that you sign up to either site: they get paid if you sign up).

The goal here is to avoid regret, and swerve “this has a lot of stuff, but I expected a lot more titles and transitions” – which can easily happen if you pick the wrong one.

They are both great asset resources, it’s pretty crazy just how much you get for such a small monthly fee to be honest – but, they have specific strengths and weaknesses. Where possible I’ll let you know exactly how many downloads are available for a particular category, so that you land on the biggest resource for the things that you want – whether that’s DaVinci Resolve Luts, or DaVinci Resolve Logo Stings, or DaVinci Resolve Transitions etc…

If you don’t have time for the specifics: Motion Array is probably a better choice for DaVinci Resolve assets.

– Your project/s are unique to you, so the assets you need may be on Envato Elements, but there’s more DaVinci resources in total on MotionArray.

First of all, here is the cost of Motion Array and Envato Elements in GBP and USD (accurate as of August 2021).

You can get Envato Elements for around $30/£20 for the first month if you use an invite link. These links expire, so it’s best to look for on on Google. If you simply search for “Envato Elements free month coupon”, there will be a various sites and YouTube videos. Just click on the most recent one, and look for a link that contains “” – it will end with some other letters, but if it begins with – chances are it’s a referral link with a built-in discount for your first month. In theory, you can cancel your account, and make a new one for the following month, if you want to benefit from a 35% discount every month (approximately).

Above are some of my invoices for Envato Elements – sometimes there are offers available, so keep an eye out, and you can sometimes save as much as 80% on the monthly fee.

How to a BIG Discount on you First Envato Elements Month (Only 9.60 instead of 34.80!)

If it’s your first month, use a discount subscription link, which you’ll usually find in YouTube videos…. I’ll update this page with one when I have followed all of the proper protocols to officially offer a discount, so that you get the following:

Envato Elements First Month Huge Discount

Motion Array Price ($29.99 / £21.74 per month)

Envato Elements Price ($41.05 / £29.75 Per Month)

Envato Elements is very transparent about exactly how many items it has – it even titles the pages with the number of items, so you can see on Google:

Sadly Motion Array isn’t as direct, so we need to count the number of items – but I’ve done this already, so you don’t have to!

*Accurate as of August 2021

Below is a breakdown of Envato vs Motion for some main asset categories; if price isn’t a deciding factor for you, then this certainly should be. Why? If you’re predominantly looking DaVinci Resolve Transitions, then opt for the service which has the most transitions.

Alternatively, you can browse both sites and see what’s there before you pay – that will take longer, and you risk committing to one before you’re certain – but you might find the perfect transition (for example) as well.