Chris Chan and his mother Barbara

The Day Chrischan Trended Worldwide on Twitter (and the horrific Reason Why)

UPDATE 1st August 2010 – Chris Chan has been arrested. It’s unclear if the arrest is for violated the EElderly Protection Order (EPO) and stealing $750 from mother, Barbera Weston Chandler, or for the actual act of incestual fornication with his 80 year old mother.

Video of Chrischan being arrested below:

On July 30, Chris Chan and Sonichu trended on Twitter, with the majority of tweets being memes (of course)

⚠ Chris Chan has been having sex with his elderly mother on more than one occasion. ⚠

Chris, who likes to be referred to as Mrs. Christine W. Chandler Sonichu, has stayed away from social media for a while now. The last time Chris uploaded a video on social media was three days prior to July 31st. Unlike his Twitter, Chris is fairly active on YouTube and has been updating followers about his life. However, it’s leaked screenshots and leaked audio that go into a level of detail that left the Twitterverse stunned. In short, Chris revealed that he has sexual relations with his mother. The reasoning and manner in which he describes these encounters, is quintessential Chris Chan lore fodder and will likely never be forgotten…and never not brought up any time he speaks.

Unfortunately for Chris, the Internet never forgets, despite him openly tweeting that drama is incoming and demanded people pay it no attention. To his credit, he doesn’t deny any of the intercourse – he would simply prefer people ignored it.

His belief is that he is strengthening her soul, as he recounts one time when he recalls bringing her to orgasm, which was only “mildly painful”, and in their naked embrace he felt some form of youthful invigoration taking place. Chris is very quick to champion himself for making Barbara orgasm.

Below is the audio of Chris discussing the relations with his mother – none of this is proof that he actually did this by the way.


Chris is the creator and author of the Sonichu and Rosechu series. Apart from referring to herself as Chris or Christine, the creator also goes by Christopher and Ricardo.

As per Chris’ Facebook, she went to Manchester High School. Following this, she studied computer-aided drafting and design at Piedmont Virginia Community College. At the same time, Chris’ Facebook page says that she is married. However, the social media personality has never opened up about her relationship.

At the moment, it is unclear who her partner is. Chris first started uploading her comic series in 2000. Since then, her content has received mixed reactions from people. Despite this, Chris continues to do what she loves.


Chris has a large social media following. However, she is not active on all the platforms. At the moment, the creator has 27k followers on Twitter. Despite this, the last time she posted on the platform was in 2019.

Meanwhile, Chris also has a Facebook account. Over there, Chris often updates her followers about what she has been doing. Her last post dates back to July 12. In the post, Chris had revealed she had cut her mother’s hair.

Meanwhile, Chris is also active on her YouTube page. At present, she has 51.3K subscribers on the platform. The last time she posted content there was three days ago. Lastly, Chris also owns a Patreon page where she sells memberships that range from $1 to $500.


Barb or Barbara is Chris’ mother who has made several appearances in the content creator’s videos. If you check out Chris’ YouTube page, Barb has also interacted with the followers.

In one of the videos, Barb showed off her blanket collection, while in another, it was revealed she would be selling her signed photos and posters on eBay. On May 10, Chris also wished Barb a Happy Mother’s Day by sharing a series of pictures on her Facebook.

Chris captioned the post as: “Hi, Mom. Remember, everyone, regardless of the situation, your Mom, Mother, or Motherly Figure had a life and past of her own back in the day before you came along. She has gone through a lot for not only you and yours but herself as well. And Barbara Anne Weston Chandler still looks good for her wise age.”