Resident Evil Revelations 2 All Weapon Parts 2 Resident Evil Revelations

Resident Evil Revelations 2 All Weapon Parts

Here’s your quick one-stop guide for all of the Weapon Parts in Revelations 2.

Weapon Parts

Gun parts are attachments that you can “attach” to your weapons in order to improve them greatly. You can switch between fire level, skill, and firepower to add elemental buildings like fire and ice, among other cool skills. You drop them on the desktop while you can update them in the Toolbox, both of which are listed in different sections.Result

Part NameMax LvDescription
Anti-Recoil5Reduces recoil when firing (*)
Auto Shot1Weapon fires automatically
BSAA1Increases firing rate + capacity
Burst+11Fire 2 bullets at once
Burst+21Fire 3 bullets at once
Capacity20Increase ammo capacity
Close Range10Increase firepower as the enemy draws closer to you
Charge Shot A10Gain the Charge Shot ability. Charge for 1 sec to increase firepower.
Charge Shot B10Gain the Charge Shot ability. Charge for 2 sec to increase firepower.
Charge Shot C10Gain the Charge Shot ability. Charge for 3 sec to increase firepower.
Critical Hit10Increase critical hit rate
Damage20Increase firepower
Daze20Increases power to stun enemies
DSO1Increases damage to regular enemies & firepower increases the further the enemy is
Easy Hit10Increase bullet hit zone
Electric Ammo10Shoot bullets with electric attributes
Electrocute10Increase damage dealt to enemies being electrocuted
Elite Killer10Increase damage dealt to Elite Enemies
Executioner10Skill cooldown time when delivering finishing blow
Extended Burn10Increase damage dealt to enemies on fire
FBC1Increases damage to elite enemies + proximity
Final Shot10Increase firepower of the last shot in the magazine
Fire Ammo10Shoot bullets with fire attributes
Firing Rate20Increase firing rate
Focus5Reduce shotgun’s spread (shotgun only)
Follow-Up Strike10Increase damage dealt to knocked down enemies
Force Ammo10Pushback enemies (all weapons but shotgun)
Frostbite10Increase damage dealt to frozen enemies
Full Burst1Fires all bullets from chamber at once
Greedy Killer10Increase gold gained when delivering finishing blow
Homing Ammo10Bullets that automatically track enemies (-shotgun)
Ice Ammo10Shoot bullets with ice attributes
Life Stealer10Increase health recovered when delivering finishing blow
Long Range10Increase firepower as the enemy moves farther away
Merciless10Increase damage to enemies with
Mundane Murderer10Increase damage dealt to regular enemies
Piercing5Increase piercing power
Quick Load20Increase reload speed
S.T.A.R.S.1Increase firepower + critical hit rate
Scatter5Expand shotgun’s spread (shotgun only)
Soul Eater10Increase exp. gained when delivering finishing blow

Revelations 2 doesn’t only feature guns… there’s also a Katana!

Katana (Resident Evil Revelations 2)
Image of Katana

Japanese sword with a large cutting radius and strong damage capabilities.

This is a special weapon that can be used by Moira.

When equipped, this Japanese sword replaces Moira’s Crowbar as her primary weapon. This weapon deals a lot more damage, making it a worthy upgrade.

You have the ability to purchase this once you have completed the game on Invisible Mode.