How To get ALL 5 medals in Resident Evil Revelations 2 RAID Mode 2 Resident Evil Revelations

How To get ALL 5 medals in Resident Evil Revelations 2 RAID Mode

I’m blasting through RAID mode, thoroughly enthused by all the things I’m unlocking and the cool new weapons and upgrades….even augments like homing bullets…and then suddenly, despite taking no damage, clearing all the enemies and not using a herb, some medals aren’t unlocking… it took me a short while to realize why I was only getting 3 of the available 5 medals…I’d thoroughly out-levelled the Chapters.

If you aren’t getting all 5 medallions, swap to a different character that’s lower level.

How To Get All 5 Medallions In Resident Evil Revelations 2

  • **Clear Medallion:** You get this medallion when you finish the mission.
  • **Challenge Medallion:** You’ll be bestowed with this medallion when you complete the mission on the recommended level or lower.
  • **No Herb Medallion: DO NOT** use any herbs during the mission to get this medallion.
  • **Genocide Medallion:** Kill all enemies before you end the mission.
  • **Complete Medallion: ** Only obtainable if you get the other four medallions at the same time. Good luck!
How To get ALL 5 medals in Resident Evil Revelations 2 RAID Mode 3 Resident Evil Revelations

Make sure you aren’t too high level for the Chapter or you won’t get the 2nd and 5th Medallion

My Revelations Revelation

On 26 January 2012 Resident Evil revelations release date was upon us; I personally grabbed it for the 3DS (as it was the only platform at the time) … paying no mind to the prospects of the likes of Resident Evil Revelations 2 Switch DLC – the notion of a sequel was non-existent and the Switch wasn’t even an idea at this point. I didn’t play the game on 3DS…beyond trying it out. It was for collecting primarily – along with other titles I had almost no respect for, such as Biohazard: Umbrella Chronicles.

Jokes on me… turns out Revelations, at least the PS3/PS4/PC ports, is a seriously good game. I had to take my serious hat off….which had been firmly welded to my cranium by the serious, visceral, and seriously visceral Hollywood-esque Resident Evil 7, Village and RE2: Remake. Instead of being critical at the “arcade gameplay”, and seemingly plucked-out-of-thin air cast to support some nonsense story…I played RAID mode and saw Weapon Levels, RNG item drops, integration with (which is absolutely brilliant – if a little slow to respond, nonetheless absolutely incredible for collectionist-minded players). Suffice to say it was a eureka moment – I could see what my friends had been recommending all this time.

None of this alters the fact that Revelations is a port of a PC game – and while it’s frankly so much better looking than it should be, it’s still constrained to the vision of a handheld portable game.

This is where Revelations 2 comes into play … designed with PS3 / PC in mind… it’s an upgrade in every department. Especially RAID mode!