Warcraft Blender How To Tutorial … With Cinema4D Lite and Daz3D!

First of all – learning is key – nowdays we have the PERFECT key for that lock, by the name of SkillShare!

By pure chance, I read a YouTube comment which informed that After Effects actually comes with Cinema4D Lite. Much like our Blood Elf-friend below, I was completely in the dark to the fact.

Looking to export models from Warcraft, and render them in high quality using the likes of Blender? The great news: you can – even great news – it’s compeltely FREE. Just set aside from time, focus, and

If you understandably don’t want to read a whole bunch of text… the above is a tease of my progress… skip down below to see more …
This demonstrates that I’ve at least learned how to create and control lighting in Cinema4D Lite … our Blood Elf is no longer in the dark .. just like me yadada metaphor etc.

Suffice to say, on an aesthetic level, things have improved dramatically… in terms of knowledge-gained, I haven’t invested much time, so I don’t feel like I’ve learned a lot – afterall this is just importing models, it not really ‘3d modelling’.

Taken from my Instagram story, posted on the same day as this blog post.

Based on “Yesterday”, of course, I wouldn’t use that render in a scene composition… I could arguably take “Today” render, into Photoshop, and create a scene, and I believe it would be on par with Narcissus.