Mounts from Argus (rares)

There are 6 mounts available from Argus. While they are relatively common and frequent, the shared timer and demand will potentially cause elongated wait-times and/or frustration.

The following good bois are yours for the taking:


There are six mounts that drop from seven rare mobs around Argus:

 Acid BelcherSkreeg the DevourerMac’Aree49.6 10.0
 Biletooth GnasherPuscilla
Antoran Wastes65.5 26.7
53.2 35.8
 Crimson SlavermawBlistermawAntoran Wastes61.8 37.3
 Maddened ChaosrunnerWrangler KravosMac’Aree55.7 59.8
 Lambent Mana RayVenomtail SkyfinMac’Aree33.6 47.5
 Vile FiendHoundmaster KerraxAntoran Wastes63.1 25.3

Tom-tom co-ordinates:
/way Mac’aree 49.7 9.9 Skreeg the Devourer
/way Antoran wastes 65.5 26.7 Puscilla
/way Antoran wastes 53.2 35.8 Vrax’thul
/way Antoran wastes 61.7 37.2 Blistermaw
/way Mac’aree 55.7 59.9 Wrangler Kravos
/way Mac’aree 33.6 47.5 Venomtail Skyfin
/way Antoran wastes 63.1 25.2 Entrance: Houndmaster Kerrax