En route to getting the Falcosaur mounts, I had to capture a Sharptalon which involved a solid 6 minutes of swimming. Still not got flying in Legion /cry.

Want a Sharptalon?

Capturing the Sharptalon, as long as you have the correct meat is no problem … what this video illustrates is the real challenge; getting there.

At the time, I didn’t have Pathfinder finished – so no Legion flying for me; which meant an elaborate swim – but once you’re there, it’s the usual fair. Have Meat

  1. Find Patriarch
  2. Kill; Loot; Then spend 14 days taken a new quest off your new pet everday until it eventually becomes a Sharptalon Mount.
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Sharptalon Hatch-ling Photograph

 Sharptalon Hatchling –  Sharptalon Swarm!
This pet can be picked up from Orphaned Sharptalon in Val’Sharah (/way Val’Sharah 47.0, 10.5) after killing Sharptalon Matriarch (/way Val’Sharah 48.0, 9.8). This world quest is somewhat awkward to get to but I recommend coming in from Highmountain (glider from a high point in the north-west or water walking around from the coast). The food it wants is  Dried Bilberries, which can be picked up from Fialla Sweetberry in Dalaran (/way Dalaran 52.6, 34.4) – there are a variety of vendors in Highmountain who also sell the item should you choose to get to the world quest from there.
Sharptalon Hatchling Quests  Raising Your Sharptalon which starts the quest chain to obtain  Viridian Sharptalon.
Subsequent quests:  The Smell of Night Elves (Alliance) or  The Smell of Undead (Horde) >  Hunting Lesson: Spring Strider >  Allies in Val’sharah >  Sharptalon Team Up >  Destructive Prey >  Hunting Lesson: Terror Larva >  The Uncongenial Faction >  Sharptalon Bonding >  Hunting Lesson: Auburn Ringtail >  Teamwork Lesson: Dresaron >  Hunting Lesson: Vale Flitter >  Teamwork Lesson: Xavius >  Sharptalon Team Rumble >  Sharptalon Reunion

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