Revisiting Nioh before nioh 2 is relased for pc

Revisiting Nioh before the Nioh 2 PC Release

Venerable Japanese developer Team Ninja unleashed Nioh in February 2017, amidst titles like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, this marked the trifecta of rage-inducing-yet-so-satisfying punish-me-more style action adventure games. It was initially released for Playstation 4, and then saw a PC release 9 months later on November 2017. The sequel, Nioh 2, was released March 2019, meaning a December 2019 PC release wouldn’t be out of the question.

It would be a disservice to compare Nioh, or it’s peers, with other 3rd person hack’n’slash style games. While they may look similar at first sight, there’s a vast difference which is predominantly marked by difficulty and underpinned by the price paid for failure. Risk vs reward is a very real thing; whether it’s gambling on having enough stamina to commit to one last successful strike or rolling the dice on engaging a situation where dying would see you lose a considerable amount of amrita (the currency you spend on developing various attributes, levelling up and developing your character).

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