Revisiting Nioh before nioh 2 is relased for pc 2 Nioh, Nioh 2 PC

Revisiting Nioh before nioh 2 is relased for pc

Revisiting Nioh before the Nioh 2 PC Release

Venerable Japanese developer Team Ninja unleashed Nioh in February 2017, amidst titles like Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne, this marked the trifecta of rage-inducing-yet-so-satisfying punish-me-more style action adventure games. It was initially released for Playstation 4, and then saw a PC release 9 months later on November 2017. The sequel, Nioh 2, was released March 2019, meaning a December 2019 PC release wouldn’t be out of the question.

It would be a disservice to compare Nioh, or it’s peers, with other 3rd person hack’n’slash style games. While they may look similar at first sight, there’s a vast difference which is predominantly marked by difficulty and underpinned by the price paid for failure. Risk vs reward is a very real thing; whether it’s gambling on having enough stamina to commit to one last successful strike or rolling the dice on engaging a situation where dying would see you lose a considerable amount of amrita (the currency you spend on developing various attributes, levelling up and developing your character).

  • Pause doesn’t freeze the game
  • Weapons clash with the environment
  • Constant stream of equipment drops with RNG attributes
  • THERE ARE USEFUL ITEMS EVERYWHERE; diabo style loot system – constant sense of being rewarded, particularly satisfying as a new player as everything feels like moving forwards
    • Five different weapon types (nine in Nioh 2)
    • All weapon types are viable when used properly
    • Loot system is deep and rewarding, introduced to you gradually
    • UI is clear about whether an item is stronger or weaker in simplest terms (higher attack)
      • You are rewarded for learning the implications of different attributes as you can fine-tune your loadout:
    • Crafting system to level up items you want to enhance
    • Reforge items with special properties to try and attain a ‘perfect’ variation of weapon or armor
    • The more you use a weapon type, the more ‘familiar’ you become with that style, so the weapon becomes strong
    • You can take a weapon from the start to the end of the game through upgrading and reforging
  • core gameplay mechanics take time to unlock
  • Clean 7 point interface
    • Interface at the start:
    • Revisiting Nioh before nioh 2 is relased for pc 3 Nioh, Nioh 2 PC
    • Interface once core features are unlocked:
    • Revisiting Nioh before nioh 2 is relased for pc 4 Nioh, Nioh 2 PC
  • Support for nVidia Experience:
    • Cool screenshots via moveable camera
    • Built in action replay
  • Accurate hitbox (doing a strong attack might mean a brief moment of leaning back before lunging in, during the split second you are leaning back, your head and torso might be slightly out of reach, meaning you can time counter-attacks with aggressive forward attacks depending on how your head and limbs move for a particular attack)
    • Show video/gif of ‘rocking back’ with strong sword attack