newbie list of monster element and status weaknesses monster hunter world 2 element status weakness, monster hunter world

newbie list of monster element and status weaknesses monster hunter world

Character Status Effects

These are effects that appear on the Player and Allies granted by the Coral Orchestra Palico gadget and Hunting Horns. All Coral Orchestra Effects can also be applied by Hunting Horns.

See Coral Orchestra and Hunting Horn for Effect statistics.
See Items and The Canteen for information on the Status Effects available from them.

Additionally, the EvasionEnhanced Evasion Enhanced and KnockbacksNegated Knockbacks Negated effects can also be applied to the Player and Allies.

palico_gadgets_icon-mhw Coral Orchestra Effects

AttackUp Attack Up

DefenseUp Defense Up

StaminaUseReduced Stamina Use Reduced

AffinityUP Affinity Up

NaturalRecoveryUp Natural Recovery Up

HealthIncrease Health Increased

DivineProtection Divine Protection

EnvironmentalDamageNegated Negate Environmental Damage

StunNegated Negate Stun

ParalysisNegated Negate Paralysis

WindPressureNegated Wind Pressure Negated

EarplugS Earplugs (S)

TremorNegation Tremor Resistance

mhw_hunting-horns-icon Hunting Horn Melodies

ElementalAttackBoost Elemental Attack Boost

FireResBoostS FireResBoostL Fire Res Boost (S),(L)

WaterResBoostS WaterResBoostL Water Res Boost (S),(L)

ThunderResBoostS ThunderResBoostL Thunder Res Boost (S),(L)

IceResBoostS IceResBoostL Ice Res Boost (S),(L)

DragonResBoostS DragonResBoostL Dragon Res Boost (S),(L)

AbnormalStatusAttackIncreased Abnormal Status Attack Increased

BlightNegated Blight Negated

AllAilmentsNegated Ailments Negated

EarplugS EarplugL Earplugs (S),(L)

 WindPressureNegated Wind Pressure Negated

WindPressureNullified All Wind Pressure Negated

Self Improvement

Movement Speed Up

Attack Deflection Protection

Scoutfly Power Up

Tool Use Drain Reduced (S),(L)

Elemental Blights

Blights will impart negative effects such as health loss or performance impairment. Remove them as quickly as possible using the appropriate items or actions. Blights are contracted mostly from certain Monster attacks, and can be prevented by having 20 Resistance toward the corresponding element. The effects are indicated by marks next to the Player’s name in the HUD. Blights cannot be triggered on Monsters by the Player

See Elemental Resistances for information on resisting Blights.


Fireblight gradually depletes the Player’s health without leaving recoverable damage.

It can be removed by rolling up to three times on the ground or into water, or by using a Nulberry.

Waterblight waterblight-status-effect-mhw

Waterblight slows down the Player’s Stamina recovery.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.


Thunderblight makes it easier for monster attacks to inflict stun.

It can be removed by rolling up to seven times on the ground, or by using a Nulberry.

Though its visual effects are similar to Paralysis, it is triggered and resisted independently.

Iceblight waterblight-status-effect-mhw

Iceblight increases the Player’ Stamina consumption.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.


Dragonblight negates the Player’s Elemental and Abnormal Status Damage.

It can be removed immediately by using a Nulberry.