I Love The Mixer Streaming Platform!

I love mixer because my viewers experience almost no delay between what I see, and what they see. Plain and simple.

This makes streaming more involving, it makes interaction more relevant to what’s going on; it makes it better for the viewer.

As for the streamer, it’s extremely easy to use:

  • XBox One X, hit the Home button, go to Broadcast, start broadcasting)
  • All other platforms; use OBS (or XSplit etc…), set Mixer as the platform, hit start stream.

Obviously you can/will tweak your settings to match your system, so that the the encoder can keep up with the video data (which basically means, finding a balance between it looking good to the viewer, and not dropping-frames – or missing portions of video, as your computer catches up with the heady task of encoding in realtime).

As shown below, I can download the VODs from the Mixer website and produce videos from them to upload to platforms like YouTube – the entire stream, or make highlights complications.

Alternatively, you can set OBS (or other) to record the video while it streams – so the video file is already on your computer; streaming to the world, while recording to your system – this generally means you have a high quality recording on your machine (somewhat better than downloading the version that’s been streamed, the ‘VOD – Video on Demand).

Lot’s of jargon, but in short, Mixer rocks!

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