FFXiv "Why Did You Become An Adventurer?" - Intro Dialogue (Ring Of Fortune) 2 FF14, Final Fantasy MMO

FFXiv “Why Did You Become An Adventurer?” – Intro Dialogue (Ring Of Fortune)

Within the first few minutes of starting FFXIV you’ll be presented with a question which actually has implications on the game – much like Dark Souls, you can choose an item to start with. You will receive a ring, with different stats dependant on your response. This post explains what your options are and what the best choice is.

Your mysterious travelling partner, and seller of illicit substances, will ask “Why did you become an adventurer?”. You will be able to pick up your ring in the Armoury Chest – Press CTRL + I to bring the interface up.

  • To gain power. : Ring of Fortitude (Critical Hit Rating +1)
  • To win glory. : Ring of Fidelity (Vitality +1)
  • To amass a fortune. : Ring of Fortune (CP +8)
  • … : Ring of Freedom (Determination +1)

All of the rings have the following attributes / stats:

  • Defense : 1
  • Magic Defense : 1
  • Condition : 100%
  • Spiritbond : 0%
  • Repair Level : Goldsmith Lv. 1
  • Made From : Fragment of Grade 1 Dark Matter (Materials)
  • The cost of Quick Repairs : 10 Gil
  • Can’t be converted
  • Can be sold for a whopping 6 gil
FFXiv "Why Did You Become An Adventurer?" - Intro Dialogue (Ring Of Fortune) 3 FF14, Final Fantasy MMO

So the Next Big Question Is… Why pick Ring Of Fortune?

While your choice of ring won’t hold you back in any way, shape or form, the stats from the Ring of Fortune are sufficient to potentially affect low-level crafting. The exact reason for this is explained by “CP”, which stands for… you guessed it… Crafting Points.

CP – CP, or crafting points, are required to use some of your crafting actions. While crafting, your CP will decrease as you perform your abilities according to the indicated number on the ability icon. If the CP cost of a crafting skill is higher than your remaining CP, you cannot use that ability. CP regenerates to full after you complete a craft. A few abilities can restore CP during the crafting process under the right condition.

Console Games Wiki

The Grizzled Passenger aka Brendt

I wrote this guide with the game alt-tabbed, and I have no idea who the grizzled passenger is…

The Returning Player Aka Me…

I played FF14 when it first came out for PS3, before the game was rebooted (or “Reborn”). I quickly gave up. I returned to the game around 6 years later, on PS4… I quickly gave up. On my third attempt, now on PC, and more optimistic than ever, I decided to question why I’m being questioned…and I’m very pleased to have learned that your dialogue choice does have an effect on the game – however minimal.

After this is published I’ll alt-tab back into the game, and hopefully later this year I’ll be playing on a capped character and FF14 will have gripped me the way it’s gripped so many others. I’ll be very content if I get into this game, and have Shadowlands to look forward to, while Warcraft feels a little stale – although it’s still my MMO of choice and I doubt my subscription will be cancelled… unfortunately once I hit Level 35, in this Corona-Climate of limited funds, do I want to pay for another MMO subscription? …

…If I can get 30 hours a month out of my sub, it’s worth it. Below you’ll see the story of The Grizzled Passenger or Brendt… and off I go to perhaps find out what his real story is (other than being an ass man).

FFXiv "Why Did You Become An Adventurer?" - Intro Dialogue (Ring Of Fortune) 4 FF14, Final Fantasy MMO

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