Until Dawn #10: Resolution INSANITY Cut-scene (GORE/HORROR)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Chapter 10 is the last chapter in Until Dawn.

The chapter opens with Josh waking up in the mines. His mind is starting to crack. The final scene involves a large pig head bursting out to attack.

I feel that they could have explored Josh’s apparent insanity in the game more – it provides the most interesting and graphic cutscene in the game, where Josh sees what I believe to be his guilt manifested as strange creatures and a deformed pig (pigs = greed/selfishness?).

All along Josh was seeing a psychiatrist that didn’t exist… but it seems the questions that he asks affect how the game plays out.


This is my play through footage; I only played once, but welcome the chance to play again – a truly brilliant game – not as good as Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (nostalgia probably plays a big part) – but if you enjoy one, you must play the other!