Services I Use to save & Make Money While Shopping Online

As a gamer and a general geeky type, it turns out that the majority of things I buy in terms of hobbies and fun comes from online stores. High street shops just tend to cost more…not only that, but the idea of getting paid to buy things just doesn’t exist. There’s credit cards, and maybe store-specific membership cards, but there’s nothing like TopCashBack or Honey.

It’s frustrating to share this type of information because it sounds suspicious when somebody is claiming to ‘want’ to help you save money…I do, I have a track-record of years of posts on social media where I’ve posted crazy offers that I’ve found, or my favourite: Freebies.

That being said, nobody actually logs into their own accounts and SHOWS YOU that you can, and do, earn money back…and it can certainly be significant. I recevently received a payout of £125…while that’s not a wage or life-changing: it certainly ensured I could change some significant numbers on the end of a certain graphics card… from 3060 to 3070 to be exact (for non PC-gamers: a better graphics cards, thanks to the extra money available – meaning my computer will likely have an extra 18 months of being capable of awesome graphics).

Check out the video below – feel free to ask any questions – and only pay full price when you want to support a developer…knowing that publishers get so much money, stand up for your pocket and pay the least possible: on Steam Resident Evil 2 would have cost me £39.99…for the normal version…I paid £12.99 for the Deluxe version, and got some money back. These kind of savings are sometimes possible for console, but to be honest, it’s mainly on PC.

Onto the video…