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The Laboratory of Mardivas | Nazjatar | Locked In For One Week

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The Laboratory of Mardivas Activate the Elemental Essence Amalgamator in Mardivas’s Laboratory. If you’re blasting through the Nazjatar Quests without reading much of the quest text, the curious Laboratory of Mandiva (once you find it; make sure to…

How Blast Buildup / Attack / Blastblight Works in Monster Hunter World

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Monster Hunter World – A Guide To Blast and Blastblight MHW Blastblight is a core Monster Hunter mechanic – it differs from blastblight mhgen and blastblight monster hunter stories. Here’s how blastblight mhw works: Blastblight is the build…

Ice Poseidon Swatted For The Second Time in 24 Hours – March 2018


Ice Poseidon was swatted during the late hours of 11th March 2018. The stream went offline for around an hour, and he came back almost aloof, determined to pay no attention to what happened, and avoid giving the…