Arist Credit #WoWIGFamily - Warcraft Artwork and Illustrations Attribution and Index 2

Arist Credit #WoWIGFamily – Warcraft Artwork and Illustrations Attribution and Index

The amazing arists in the WoW community pour hours, day and weeks into their work. Just my opinion: if you repost without credit; you suck. Big time. If you casually tag them; at least that’s something. Been running businesses on IG for years and seen an increase in non-credit / sneaking credit at the end of a post / deliberately mispelling so the click doesn’t work. No point arguing with everybody etc… not here for toxicity – the best I can offer right now on the occasions I do try to highlight the talent in our community is making this website.

It’s a small gesture; but as a nerdy web dev that looks afte websites for actors and musicians etc, + being a complete nerd, I work hard to stay on top of Google’s constantly changing rules – same with Instagram – you’ve probably noticed your likes go down even if followers go up.

For example my account year on has averaged from 400-700 likes, 280 average, down to 40 likes and 3-4 comments. I know why, I know how to fix it, but it’s a peersonal page and my clients are the focus so it is what it is.

With that aside, here are all the links to any artists I’ve ever mentioned, referenced, shared etc..

I can’t promise it contains every social link – that’s why I’ve left a form – just send me any missing info and I’ll adjust accordingly, as soon as I can. Working 30 hour days so it’s a stretch but I will do it, promised.