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What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)?

Preach gaming takes us through the state of Affliction Warlock in Shadowlands (Alpha).

What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)? 3

The most striking change is the shift back towards dot-heavy damage output, which is what I remember of Affliction Warlocks (I played Warlock as my main up until Legion) so personally, I welcome this as the dot-lite version of Affliction in BfA just doesn’t feel right. The idea of “afflicting” your target works very well with damage-over-time spells, leave the volley’s of bolts and explosions to Destruction, it fits the name better.

Preach demonstrates a reserved excitement for Shadowlands; like any veteran of Blizzard games however, he’s aware how quickly Blizzard-giveth, and taketh away. It feels like a gamble as to whether they will give the communtiy the experience they’re shouting for, but in fairness, all evidence so far indicates a shift in Blizzard’s attitude towards their players (customers!) – with a number of instances where they have responded to the community with changes that are in-line with people’s hopes and desires.

As a quick bonus, check out this concept art, showing the Covenant back attachments, which affix to Cloaks and give a very majestic feel to the armor – they look brilliant:

Covenant Back Attachments

What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)? 4
What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)? 5
What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)? 6