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Warcraft Unfixable In-Game Bug – Even Ticket Support Didn’t Work (Video)

Stuck, Air Running & Ticket Support Was Down

Ok so it’s not the most fun video content… but that’s kinda the point. It wasn’t the most fun just floating, running, falling and basically spying on Nether Eggs in Shadowmooon Valley from a long distance.

Eventually a ticket was opened and a kind Warcraft GM moved my character to the ground, and off my Demon Hunter went…. to camp this spot for the last of 2 spawns I need for the Bloody Rare achievement. It’s not the best use of a level 120 Demon Hunter with iLevel 435 gear … but thanks to Timewalking and Bind to Account drops, you don’t need to play a character to gear them up to pretty a respectable level. 

When I finally get the Bloody Rare achievement… i.e. when Kraator finally spawns in one of 5 locations … and then I have to get the one that patrols 7 possible locations in The Burning Crusade starter zone…featuring Fel Boars, The Dark Portal and a raid boss.

I’ll always remember because of how a European (I’m from the UK … using that brexit respectful pronoun) pronounced the name of Magtheridon. “mag teh rideon”… fond times; working at Runescape developer Jagex – with a predictable wage every month, rather than running my own business like nowadays … durinng my Computer Games Programming sandwich year course at Huddersfield University…not a (real) worry in the world…apart from playing TBC at launch.

This was especially memorable, before the servers, shards, layers, instancing, load-balancing etc… an expansion launch was true chaos…check out this video I uploaded nearly a decade ago (and even then, it was an old videoo because it was from Mists of Pandaria):