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The Laboratory of Mardivas | Nazjatar | Locked In For One Week

The Laboratory of Mardivas

Activate the Elemental Essence Amalgamator in Mardivas's Laboratory.

If you're blasting through the Nazjatar Quests without reading much of the quest text, the curious Laboratory of Mandiva (once you find it; make sure to look under the flowing water) may or may not have registered with you as a unique place in Nazjatar. Some of the mobs in Nazjatar can drop arcanocrystals, which you can bring here and exchange for Prismatic Manapearls, potential iLevel 385 gear and reputation.

Essentially; use an arcanocrystal of varying quality to summon an elemental, which you can buff, which will drop items of varying quality and at least 500 reputation.

The following arcanocrystals can drop

You probably have numerous alts by now and it's easy to lose track of whether you have done this quest, in between farming transmogs, gears, visting Kunlai Summit for a change at the whispy dragon mount drop thingy and it's all just hard to remember. Use this in your chat window (or create a macro if you're super-organised) – once you hit enter, if it says True it means you've done the quest this week, if it says False, head over and grab your free 500+ rep and potential gear:

/script print(IsQuestFlaggedCompleted(55121))

Look to the right for more specific information on requirements, drops and reputation.

Check the comments section of the Laboratory of Mandivas page on WoWHead for the latest information on loot, rep and any other mechanics.

Before summoning the elemental, you can use Strange Volcanic Rock, Strange Mineralized Water or Strange Oceanic Sediment to empower the elemental which improves the quality of the item you receive (see below for potential items) and increases the reputation you receive. The elementals can also drop any of the following:



Arcane Amalgamation Mardivas's Universally Lauded Tote
Mardivas's Magnificent Desalinating Pouch
Watery Amalgamation Scroll of Violent Tides (Off-Hand)
Dusty Amalgamation Coralspine Bulwark (Shield)
Burning Amalgamation Igneous Longbow (Bow)
Osgen Glaive of Swells (Glaive)
Zomera Azerite-Infused Crystal Flayer (Dagger)
Omus Slicer of Omus (One-handed Sword)
Technique: Glyph of Steaming Fury
Xue Pyroclastic Halberd (Polearm)
Technique: Glyph of Steaming Fury
Moghiea Majestic Shirakess Greatstaff (Staff)
Ungormath Tidal Wand of Malevolence (Wand)
Spawn of Salgos Coral-Sharpened Greatsword (Two-handed Sword)
Herald of Salgos Behemoth Claw of the Abyss (Fist Weapon)
Salgos the Eternal Salgos' Volatile Basher (One-Handed Mace)