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Spirit Beasts: Where To Find, How To Tame (TomTom Waypoints and Macros Included)

World of Warcraft All-In-One Spirit Beast Taming Guide

Calling all Beast Masters The most exotic pets on Azeroth (at least, before Shadow Lands) are Spirit Beasts; only tameable by Beast Mastery hunters equipped with the Beast Mastery talent. Not only are these etheral creatures weird and wonderful in apperance, Spirit Beasts are among the most desirable pets in Azeroth, largely due to the abilities they grant…

Spirit Mend Tooltip
Spirit Mend In-Game Tooltip

Spirit Mend heals the current friendly target for (189.1% of RAP) plus an additional (126% of RAP) over 10 sec.Pet: Spirit beastCooldown: 30 secClass: Hunter

Night Elves and Spirit Beasts, The Perfect Duo