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Why Did I Record 120 Levels Of Warcraft Levelling?

“bittng off more than you can chew” – does that sounds familiar?

Welcome to my world…

Why Did I Record 120 Levels Of Warcraft Levelling? 3

…of Warcraft. This footage was recorded on everything from Fraps, back in Vanilla, through to the HD60 S Pro when I had one computer dedicated to capturing/streaming, and another would be connected to it via HDMI and duplicate display output. I ended up dropping this after getting a BenQ 4K Curved 120hz display… since the HD Pro 60 doesn’t support 4k, or capturing 120 frames per second (which is overkill… but in future it will be an option on YouTube and I’ll be glad I have the raw footage to re-upload to YouTube).

Over time I’ll edit and create new Warcraft videos from 15 years of video content… primarily to practice Adobe Premiere and After Effects for clients social media videos: I’ve created and edited 2 tour promo gigs for Kiefer Sutherland, so a lot of people see the videos and I feel like they have to be as good as possible… but practicing from tutorials sucks, so I try to mix fun with play by using games to learn… any excuse to play WoW? Maybe.