How To Fix Stuttering YouTube With World of Warcraft (Second Monitor)

Sometime around 2019 an issue with nVidia graphics cards and World of Warcraft started to occur. Numerous issues, such as flickering textures unless you switch to DirectX11 (or disable shadows). Another is prevalent amongst the ADHD/ADD/WHATEVER compulsion community, who aren’t stimulated enougb by playing World of Warcraft, and need secondary entertainment courtesy of YouTube.

Playing World of Warcraft becomes a routine, a habit, a part of the daily structure especially during Covid – as such, elements of the game become part of the familiar-grind. Running a raid isn’t technically a grind…back when I started playing World of Warcraft in 2006, just before The Burning Crusade, I have a distinct memory of sitting in Cambridge (work placement at Runescape developer, Jagex) and grinding murloccs on the coast of Westfall. I was equipped with 1 monitor at the time and other than Ricky Gervais, podcasts weren’t really a thing.

What did I do? Out of nowhere, I ended up with a stack of Street Fighter (Udon) comics… the covert artwork, cool pictures of Akuma etc… seemed awesome to collect and relatively inexpensive for such cool-looking art…I didn’t expect to read them…but I did….which became my surrogate for the future YouTube/VLC/Neflix/Podcast compulsion that occurs alongside World of Warcraft now at all times.

Other than during Discord-hosted guild events, YouTube is running, my mind is sufficiently stimulated because technology is ruining our brains etc..

So this ultimately first-world problem of utter irrelevance, this stuttering issue with YouTube became problematic. It only started occuring for me around Shadowlands release but I’ve seen forum threads pre-dating the expansion by a year.

I only seemed to be able to reduce by dropping the playback resolution as low as 144p (even then it would stutter) … in similar fashion to the flashing textures issue with DirectX12, I didn’t have a fix, I had a ‘workaround’ which involved downgrading a key aspect of the game…. none of the benefits of DirectX12 is kind of unacceptable…but my fingers are crossed that NVidia 30XX series cards will eventually be real…and not just figments of a “Sold Out”-laiden online store…it doesn’t directly take away from the enjoyment in the same fashion as the stuttering YouTube video issue, which corrupts what is sometimes 75% of my entertainment while I’m “playing Warcraft”.

So enough about me, history, technology’s ruinous impact on individuals and society, how did I fix it?

Open Advanced System Settings in Windows 10 (press the Windows key, and start typing Advanced Sys… and you’ll see it) – failing that, right click My Computer go from there. Ultimately, what you need to do is disable transparency.

These are my exact settings, but the only one that you need to disable is “Show translucent selection rectangle” and “Show window contents while dragging”; this stops Windows from maintaining the UI in a way which clashes with Nvidia and World of Warcraft – ending the stuttering issue, for me completely – but I expect the chances of this fix working for everybody are low. There are other causes, which are well-ranked on Google, so you’ve probably seen them.