How To Fix Lio The Lioness – Bugged – Quest Won’t Complete / Can’t Hand In

Lio the Lioness in the Menagerie at your Garrison in World of Warcraft; hard at work not accepting completed quests.

Having issues because you can’t hand Mastering the Menagerie quest to Lio The Lioness? There are a number of fixes, as reported by users across the web; some have worked for me – one always works, option 3 solution to fix the bugged Garrison quest, as explained below:

Sometimes the quest in The Garrison Menagerie won’t complete; whether you took and tried to hand in and it doesn’t complete and stays silver, or you abandoned the quest and it won’t complete … either way, there are a couple of solutions that can work.

  1. Abandon the quest and leave the Garrison, return, take the quest and complete it again.
  2. Log out and log back in, then speak to Lio the Lioness and take the quest again (abandon the quest if you haven’t already).
  3. (The best solution if you have a Garrison Alt) The solution which always works for me is simpler, but requires a second character with access to the Garrison and The Menagerie (Level 2); simply take and complete the quest on an alt instead.

The above is Lio, while logged into my Hunter, after switching to an alt Warlock who also has access to Level 2 Menagerie, I’m able to complete and hand the quest in:

I’m glad it worked this time as I got the Spectral Bell reward; I’d have never knowns, so it wouldn’t have bothered me – but knowing this – past-me is bothered, but since present me has it, future me is happy.

Watching Tenet did something to my brain.

Watch it.

Enjoy (the fix and the film).

Drop a comment if any other solutions work for you; if for some reason ant alt-garrison doesn’t and of course, whether you understood Tenet from watching it only once.