How To Easily Back Up Your Warcraft Rematch Teams

So you lost your WTF folder somehow…. maybe forgot to back it up, or it was corrupted when your computer froze.

Hours spent crafting teams to take on those Garrison Pet Battles, and Trainer Battles all-around Azeroth, Wrath of the Lich King….heck, you even had teams for the Timeless Isle.

Spending hours on Xu-Fu creating teams once again is daunting… might even make you say f it… and give up on the pet stuff for a bit.

Have no idea fear, I have a solution which I guarantee is not only the fastest, most specific and easy way to backup your Rematch teams – it will work for any Add-On

There’s a program called “Everything”. It’s basically a search program for Windows. I’ve found it absolutely invaluable when it comes to Warcraft (and almost everything else relating to files and backups etc..).

Basically a FULL WTF backup can sometimes can carry problems forward that we’re trying to fix (sometimes, not all the time by any means). A plugin might be totally fine, but it’s configuration file is messed up in some way, and then you think the plugin is the culprit and stop using a potentially useful and totally fine add-on/plugin. There’s a range of other issues as well but I’ll try to keep this short. 

Everything is almost instant when it gives search results, it doesn’t go actively searching each time you use it – so it’s quite literally able to do in under a second what can take Windows over 15 minutes to do (in some cases). So we can super quickly get  a look at the latest stuff on our computer, e.g. if we organize the list by ‘created on’ or ‘modified on’. 

If you to type “wowscr” in search, you’ll get all of your WoW screenshots, and then you can select all, and cut and paste them to your pictures folder (or however you organise things) … equally if you type the name of an add-on, you will see all the relevant files. This is very helpful because you have config files for addons, and if you have more than one account, your WTF folder can be come harder to navigate.

This method is basically like having the coordinates and going straight to what you need…. rather than being given a map and told to explore and look for what you need. This image will explain much better than I have done here – perhaps this is overkill or a bit too ‘extra’, which is no problem, but if you give Everything a try I believe you’ll find it to be very helpful in Windows in general, with taks that previously felt overwhelming and confusing, suddenly being crystal clear.

In this example, I just type rematch.lua – I can see from the “Path” along with the Size and Date Modified that this is clearly not an empty config file as it has 78k, so it has a bunch of teams saved, and at time of posting it was modified around an hour ago, when I was last on WoW…. and finally, the “Path” makes it abundantly clear. This is where you save a lot of time – you can right click Rematch.lua, Copy, then paste it into a backup folder somewhere. 

You can even right click and press “Open Path” – this will open a new Window which has Saved Variables for ALL of your Add Ons.

So for example you might want to keep your Rarity, BarTender, HandyNotes, SavedInstances variables … just click each one, right click and add to a zip, or copy and paste to another folder… heck, open Chrome go to GMail and drag and drop them into an email to yourself if you wan (with a useful subject line like “wow add ons backup” so you can search for it in future).