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I enjoy making edits for people; I’ve been fortunate to pass, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 even 6,000 followers – it’s A LOT harder to gain followers now; but I’m happy with that – the bar for content has raised. Many are using Narcissus to take AMAZING screenshots, and then combining those screenshots with software like Pixaloop for Android – so you can take amazing screenshots, posed your characters, emote them etc.. and then animated effects like moving sky, snow, fire etc.. (sorry to give the secrets away guys!).

I first posted about Narciussus in April 2019; it’s taken a good 8 months to really pick up … in the meantime I’ve been rapidly trying to learn Daz3D (because it’s free), Blender (also free) and WoW Model Viewer … the issue is; my friend Dreneywow is a Russian player, which means all of her text is in Cryllic, this makes importing her WoW Armory Model (an already questionably effective task) impossible…or so they say. I’ve found a workaround thanks to 15 years of HTML/CSS experience and Games Programming Degree (far from a flex; it’s rare I get to put it to use).

The objective of learning 3D Modelling, texture mapping, rigging, skeletons, animations, optimal render conditions for my hardware – and coming up with imaginatinve set pieces – is in itself a career – so it’s like starting a marathon, with a warm-up marathon before the real one begins… it’s all worth it though; I never regarding these things as anything but an opportunity to learn (that’s without touching on personal issues that run so deep you would think I’m completely fabricating my life – it’s all good though – you don’t win or lose, you win or learn… easy to write positively while the deck isn’t stacked against you ?)

The purpose of this post is 2-fold; pay respect to my friend dreneywow (follow her on Instagram, she just hit 1,000 .. drop a follow, say @360fov sent you — if you follow me you’ll see I have unconvetional, but legal means, of getting CD Keys for Steam, previews keys, and getting paid to spend money…as crazy as that sounds…. but after 20 years since I earned my first PayPal dollar, you pick up this knowledge – and I’m more than happy to share it…. so for the small gesture of following her and mentioning “Chu” or @360fov_ (I had to add an underscore as @360fov became synonmous with a lot of suspiciious activity; I don’t parttake in such activity…but as I eluded to, personal life / fabrication; hacking, attemps to spend £30,000 in Advertising Revenue, I was the first to monetize the likes of TeeSpring 5 years ago en mass etc.. – so inevitably people try to deconstruct methods and repeat them; thus I welcome a challenge because it makes duplicating my methods harder) – excuse the undertone of arrogance, it’s just unfortunate fact.

The second purpose; to draw a line in the sand on my l’il old blog, now hosted on a new server, so I can look at back at the time period where I begen 3D Modelling and this Russian Crylllic > Latin / UTF8 fun in earnest.

All that being said, hit play on the video to the right on Instagram – she created that scene herself – I wasn’t in the game with her, she managed to use my in-game model, animate it, and it’s one of the numerous posts she’s dedicated to me, in response to various things that have happened, fortunate or misfortunate – it’s completely alien to me for somebody to spend that one currency they will never get back; time – and for that, I’m forever grateful. If Instagram is down, hit play below, but still – drop Dreneywow a follow on Instagram.

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If for whatever reason, the Instagram video won’t play – you can see it above here – still – pay Dreneywow a visit on Instagram

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