Covid19 Face Masks - Stylish Warcraft Designs: Are We Already Damned? 2

Covid19 Face Masks – Stylish Warcraft Designs: Are We Already Damned?

It THIS Torghast? Is a trip to Tesco now a trip to Torghast?

Torghast is the tower of the Damned; you can read into that as you will … but I ask yourself this; of all the years in your entire life, which year feels most like humanity has been damned? If you answered 2020…. then you’re probably correct.

What do I think about wearing masks?

I think it’s a good idea, a dangerous idea, and (assuming they work), I think they’re capable of saving lives – sadly they manifest one of the most evil aspects of the Internet, into the ‘real world’, and also make them extremely dangerous….

Wisdom of Andrew C.

TBH I’m not against wearing a mask…in general, Covid aside, it’s probably a decent idea in some respects…the 1 thing that’s problematic for me; it takes the most toxic part of the Internet; anonymity – which turns people one keyboard warriors tat say horrible things and it can hurt. That’s why I bet if you look at google trends for the word ‘shaming’, you’ll see it spike in correlation with the increase in social media
rather wear something that looks “cool”, because superficial/vein, not sure which…that and the medical-style one’s are a little triggering, you just start thinking of hospitals and things…or at least I do. I haven’t got any triggers that I know of thanks to managing to go through whacky stuff in life…it’s a bit boring because I can’t “have a good moan” and say how much I hate X and Y, as long as it doesn’t involve people I care about being harmed, I’ll turn anything into something to at least smirk about.

Sidenotes On This Blog Post. Consider It The “Full” Instagram Post Featuring My Tesco Orc Mask Meme Video

This is an extension of my Instagram post which was triggered by seeing some angry people being turned away at Tesco. Rather than bore people with a long text, it makes sense to accompany a blog post with it – some people DM and specifically say they like reading the long, meandering, wordy stuff that I spew… others, not so much. They don’t directly say it – but you know; regardless – I repect it fully because of how much I value time – I’m so grateful for anybody to invest time in something related to me; whether it’s thoughts, reading, talking, whatever it is, they’re spending a currency they will never get back; that’s 1 of the reasons I’ve long been a huge promoter of freebies / discounts / cashback etc… – I get literally next to nothing in return for the time spent finding freebies, making content attractive enough to grab attention etc… to get people to pay attention. Why? The time they spend at work. If it’s not being spent on a game… in a contrived way, I’ve just given them the best gift I can give… I’ve given them time.

Put it this way, if you had to mop up 5 messes… or 1 mess….after 5 messes you have less time to spend on something you want to do in the one life that you.