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A Rare Look at Gochao the Ironfist – The Rare Mob Hidden in a Cave

This mob is a throwback mob from an old Mists of Pandaria quest that was removed; he’s stuck in a cave which you can’t get into. The probem is, he is required for an achievement.

There are numerous ways to lure him out to you; one of which is a short flight away … just in case you are lucky, here’s where to go – and IF you are lucky – it means you can get to Gochao within a couple of minutes….andand apparently Mages can just blink to get to Gochao.

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The Battle Horn, which drops from Blackhoof is a couple of minutes flight south – kill Blackhoof; loot horn, use horn outside cave, kill Gochao…done

If you aren’t so lucky, you can also check out these items to get Gochao within your reach; at level 120 (or 60 if you read this post-Shadowlands release) then Blackhoof will die instantly; probably even from a naked punch.

The Irony of Such a Beautiful Ornate Armor Set

Gochao looks great; his armour is high resolution – as much as MoP offered; it’s intricate, ornate, full of detail … and ironically you probably won’t see much of it. Such a shame to waste the model, textures…even to an extent the quest; as “side” as it is – lacking any impact on the overall lore; it’s still interesting – like most of the quests if you invest time and interest.

I love playing through the likes of Westfall and Redridge and completing them, having read all of the texts – watched the dialogue – and pay attention to the changes as you proceed through quests. Ironically, this is an example of quest that would change the environment such that you can walk around inside the cave! Ah well … you’re here to have a closer look at Gochao, in detail that’s not available elsewhere… so enjoy Gochao and his fancy army, pot belly and cave-dwelling lifestyle.