Venom 2 Movie Review (Let There Be Carnage)

Review Pending – I will formalize my own review after a second screening of the movie.

In the meantime, everybody’s favourite Gentle Man, gave a classic Moist Meter review – since i echoes my thoughts, I’ve included it here.

The question therefore is; did you enjoy the film? If you could leave a comment and/or rating below, that would be much appreciated!

initiating moisture

welcome to the moist meter today we’re

taking a look at the new venom movie let

there be carnage with the first venom

movie i was applauded for my bravery

cheered on in the comment section for

finally saying what people were afraid

to say when the movie came out that it

kind of [ __ ] sucked ass i didn’t like

the first video movie that much i didn’t

think it was great felt like i was

missing so many things and the final

product was just like a choppy mess

where it didn’t really have a satisfying

story and a way of getting there my

biggest complaint was like venom and his

relationship with eddie brock it just

feels like it just came out of nowhere

in one scene they hate each other

venom’s mad and then the next scene he’s

like you know what i want to [ __ ]

save humanity it’s like well how did we

get there

but setting aside my criticisms of the

first movie i think the second movie is

better i think it’s a goofy fun movie it

doesn’t take itself too seriously at all

but it’s also pretty redundant when

compared to the first movie because it

kind of does the same thing at the end

of the first venom movie it’s like we’re

gonna save the world we’re gonna eat bad

guys we’re gonna be a hero that’s not

afraid to rip some [ __ ] heads off and

in this movie they come in and they’re

like we’re not ripping heads off you’re

in timeout because eddie brock doesn’t

want bad guys to get their heads eaten

by venom so pretty much the entire movie

is just them bantering with each other

and granted it is enjoyable because i

think the writing is good and tom

hardy’s very good so them joking around

and getting mad at each other and having

these arguments that you would expect a

couple to have is fun but when that’s

the entire first hour of the movie like

the bulk of what’s going on is just them

not seeing eye to eye on how bad guys

should be eaten and how they should be a

hero and how eddie brock just wants to

be left alone it’s just kind of tiresome

because we’ve already kind of seen that

with the first movie i do love the

actual fight with carnage i think at the

end of the movie when they fight it all

works really well it’s a very satisfying

fight but everything leading up to there

i feel like they didn’t know how to get

it to that point so they just threw in

what worked the first time for most

people which was the back and forth with

eddie brock and venom and i will say

again i just don’t think venom movies

work at a pg-13 rating it like for

carnage for example when carnage is

going crazy he’s [ __ ] killing

everyone and cletus cassidy when they’re

killing everyone it’s really cheapened

by the fact that they do it all like

off-camera off-screen so you don’t

really see that you’re not really like

afraid of them or really impressed with

their power it’s like ah this guy he

kicked somebody and now we don’t see

that person again it’s like that’s kind

of lame that’s not exactly scary i i

said this in the first the first movie i

thought it was supposed to be r

initially because the first movie is so

chopped up that it feels like they cut

out everything that made it r and i also

feel that way about this movie it feels

at times that it’s

edited in a way

to hide scenes that were r-rated that

they took away at the last second i

don’t think that’s the case because the

first movie was pg-13 i imagine they

planned for this one to be the same

rating but it still does feel that way

it’s just there’s something about the

movie like it just jumps around and it

just gets real silly and

not like it’s self-aware silliness just

like huh this is kind of dumb

to give you an example this is going a

bit into spoiler territory so spoiler

warning for this at the end of the movie

with the fight with carnage uh cassidy

has his girlfriend there and you don’t

care about his girlfriend they don’t

really do anything to flush out this

relationship or make you as a viewer

care it’s pretty underwhelming it’s kind

of dumb but it’s there because they

thought it needed to be there to have

like a climactic final showdown so it is

what it is and his girlfriend is very

clearly a psychopath just like cassidy

she’s killing people she encourages him

to kill people she’s impressed when

people are dying cars are blowing up

cops are being murdered she loves it and

then at the very end of the movie it

inexplicably or maybe i missed it

carnage is about to hurt eddie brock’s

most uh you know most

important person

and she’s like don’t do this cassidy now

you’ve gone too far you’ve got to stop

so then carnage starts strangling her

he’s like we’re not stopping and i’m

going to shut you up and then cassidy’s

like no that’s my girlfriend

and then there’s like this you know

this uh back and forth with carnage and

cassie like you can’t hurt her it’s my

girlfriend but she told us to stop and

she can scream real loud that’s bad for

us and it’s like what the [ __ ] is going

on why was she even like upset with

carnage and cassidy in the first place

she was all on board for killing

complete strangers and now when it’s

someone who’s a little less of a

stranger someone she actively kidnaps

now it’s a problem it’s like what the

[ __ ] is going on so it’s just really


all over the place sometimes and it just

feels like it’s missing crucial shots

and scenes okay now back from spoilers

the rest will be spoiler free that was

really the main one i wanted to talk

about i like i said i didn’t i didn’t

have like a bad time watching the movie

i i enjoyed it because i thought that

the god damn [ __ ] eyelash in my eye

yeah like i said i did have fun watching

it because the writing was strong with

its banter since that was the main bulk

of the movie it was just them bantering

and they at least did a good job with

that they even sent [ __ ] venom to a

rave so it’s very clear that they’re

indulging in the silliness of the movie

but overall i don’t think it’s like a

great movie cletus cassidy i think is

played well by woody harrelson but it’s

not a very good character they don’t do

a great job with him they just establish

he had a girlfriend that he you know

this girl that he really liked when he

was young and now he wants to get back

together with her and he’s a serial

killer and they try and do that thing

with serial killers where they say like

the wackiest [ __ ] that’s like super deep

but with cassidy here they just don’t

know how to write that it’s like you

know you see like in like anime where

the villain has like these crazy

monologues that are all like really

profound and like

wild well they try and do that with

cassidy but it just doesn’t work so like

when he’s on death row he’s giving like

his last speech and it’s just

super goofy it’s not like that was scary

ominous and yet profound it was like

he’ll give a speech it’s like

hey eddie you know when you flush a

toilet and the water goes down the pipes

that water’s not coming back

that’s like me on death row i’m

in a toilet eddie

it’s like it wasn’t a very cool villain

monologue and it really wasn’t

it’s scary it was just kind of goofy so

that was pretty disappointing and again

the girlfriend isn’t really a strong

character either they don’t do much to

flesh her out they just make her

equally a psychopath to cletus cassidy

so that’s really all you get there from

that relationship so you as a viewer

aren’t really going to care very much

but like i said the final fight with

venom vs carnage was satisfying i did

enjoy it i just wish leading up to there

there was more about the movie than just

banter there are some scenes of carnage

blowing up police cars blowing up

helicopters and [ __ ] and and it’s good

like it’s it’s still fun to watch i

think carnage is a really cool character

but it’s disappointing to have a

character like carnage who’s all about

[ __ ] murder uh blood in the streets

and gore and [ __ ] like going crazy

to be it a pg-13 movie where it just

feels like he’s a super watered-down

version of carnage so he’s not as

intimidating as you would expect him to


but that’s that’s more nitpicky i i

don’t think this movie was ever going to

be r-rated though i think it should have

it’s not bad i want to make that clear i

definitely think this is better than the

first movie so i did enjoy it i didn’t

have a bad time let’s plug it into the

voice meter i’m giving venom let there

be carnage a 60

hopefully if they continue the venom

franchise they can finally

stop making the majority of the movie

just eddie brock and venom bantering it

is enjoyable but i think doing it three

times in a row is like the main

bulk of the movie is going to be a bit

much so hopefully now we can just

establish he is the lethal protector

they’re on the same page now and going

forward we can start from that point

instead of go backwards

so anyway that’s about it see ya