DarkAngel2291’s Guide To Growing Your Twitch Stream

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DarkAngel2291's Guide To Growing Your Twitch Stream 1

Just thought i share some advice in regards to twitch/community The first thing about twitch is the community make sure you are checking other streamers out showing support and getting to know people that stream as this can help you grow a lot to create your own little twitch community.

I myself spend half the week streaming and half the week supporting other streamers and checking out new people
2. Make sure you always engaging with the people who take the time to come to your stream and get to know them.

3. Most twitch community you find on instagram and other social apps will hell get your followers up but not viewers because they tend to be more concerned about getting affiliate and not the bigger picture of a community.

4. Don’t focus on numbers of viewers you could have 20+ but thats not always the best as they are not contributing to the stream so focus on your stream and the content.

5. Change things up and see what works best this could be the game you are playing or the time you stream and see what works best for you!!


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