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Spirit Beasts: Where To Find, How To Tame (TomTom Waypoints and Macros Included)

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World of Warcraft All-In-One Spirit Beast Taming Guide Calling all Beast Masters The most exotic pets on Azeroth (at least, before Shadow Lands) are Spirit Beasts; only tameable by Beast Mastery hunters equipped with the Beast Mastery talent. Not…

Warcraft Unfixable In-Game Bug – Even Ticket Support Didn’t Work (Video)

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Stuck, Air Running & Ticket Support Was Down Ok so it’s not the most fun video content… but that’s kinda the point. It wasn’t the most fun just floating, running, falling and basically spying on Nether Eggs in…

Where To Find Arylina’s Diary in Nazjatar

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If you’re wondering how to find Arylina’s Diary in Nazjatar, the most important things to note are: The diary spawns in random locations If your bags are full, you can’t find the diary (!) It doesn’t actually look…