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All screenshots and testimonials are 100% real and you are invited to use the contact form to ask any questions. Naturally you should be weary of things just “offering money”, but keep in mind honest survey responses are worth money, and of course if you purchase anything through QuidCo, they also get some cash back alongside you.


This is total earnings over 5 years of getting cashback from purchases on eBay and JustEat.co.uk (Invite friends around Christmas time, and all of their Amazon gift purchases will count towards your cashback!)


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  • Install an extension for Chrome / Firefox / Safari to remind you that you might get cash back from QMee.



This is the total amount I can choose to pay direct into my PayPal account

  1. Fill out surveys (take your time, be honest, you’ll get given access to more surveys)
  2. Wait for a link from me if you’d like to help me out as well and we both get rewarded
    1. Sign up straight away and start using it but with less leverage and neither of are rewarded for ‘referring friends’
  3. When filling out the form, most likely you will pick the following (as a graphic designer, streamer, programmer, web developer etc…):