How Much Does it cost for all avengers marketplace items?

Answer: Around $2,500

UPDATE 29th September 2021: Estimate does NOT include Black Panther and other DLC!

This past weekend was the Steam Free promotion for the Avengers video game. Turns out it’s an excellent game, some almost 12 months after launch. One thing I wondered after seeing how many items are available, is how much would it actually cost somebody if they bought every single item in the store? Well, after calculating how many items of each type are available for each character, without taking sales prices into account (as they vary), it turns out it will cost around $2500 if you wanted everything that’s in the game as of August 2020.

The actual cost would be less than this if you took advantage of bundles, special offers and seasonal discounts… an estimate of around $2000 is relatively accurate for the sake of simplicity.

That’s one pricey game! Of course, you need nothing from the store to enjoy the game, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are some cool appearances and emotes…even attacks. I can imagine a child being very persistent in asking parents for new stuff…it’s hard to be overly critical though, many people will spend much more than this playing World of Warcraft…it’ll just take longer for that cost to add up.