MHW List of Element and Status Weakness

Work in Progress – Last Updated May 2019

“Can someone explain elements and ailments?” – a common question, and one that came up for me when I first started playing Monster Hunter World.

Sometimes it feels like the terms in mhw aren’t the most intuitive… and sometimes it feels like it’s better to just address ‘how’ rather than ‘why’…. so in the spirit of answering ‘how’, here’s a quick-reference guide of mhw element and status showing you how to make best use of an element or status – it’s fairly straight-forward; e.g. Great Jagras will take a lot of extra damage from fire. This is aimed at players that are new but looking to become better – if you’re a God-tier player, you will find the comprehensive table (linked below) more useful. Otherwise, if you’re skipping through your weapon and armour options and saying “I do a lot of Thunder damage, which monster shoulder I hunter?” – take look at the Thunder column below and you’ll see that Pukei-Pukei, Jurya, Dodogama etc.. make good targets.

Every Single Monster in Monster Hunter World

Fire Water Thunder Ice Dragon Poison Sleep Paralysis Blast Stun
Great Jagras (3) Kulu-Ya-Ku (3) Pukei-Pukei (3) Tzitzi-Ya-Ku Rathian Great Jagras Great Jagras Great Jagras Great Jagras Great Jagras
Barroth – No Mud (3)
Barroth – Mud (3) Jyuratodus (3) Odogaron Radobaan Barroth Pukei-Pukei Pukei-Pukei Paolumu Jyuratodus
Paolumu (3) Jyuratodus (3) Tzitzi-Ya-Ku (3) Diablos
Zorah Magdaros
Tobi-Kadachi Great Girros Barroth Radobaan Rathian
Kirin (3) Todi-Kadachi (3) Legiana (3) Teostra Pink Rathian Legiana Odogaron Kushala Doara Paolumu
Vaal Hazak (3) Anjanath (3) Dodogama (3) Azure Rathalos Dodogama Diablos Pink Rathian
Great Girros (3) Bazelgeuse (3) Vaal Hazak Kushala Daroa Uragaan
Zorah Magdaros (3)
Nergigante (3) Xeno’Jiiva
Teostra (3) Kushala Daora (3)

Above is a list of elements and status ailments and which monsters are most weak to each one. This is highly simplified and meant as a quick-reference to help you pick a loadout suited to whichever monster you are fighting, at-a-glance. Please note that monsters have different weak points, for example it’s tail may be weak to thunder, while it’s head is weak to fire – this is not shown in the table.

Click here for a comprehensive table of Monster Hunter World weaknesses and weak-points.

Each monster has a rating of 0 to 3 for it’s vulnerability to an element or status ailment, shown in brackets next to each monster as follows:

0 = Immune
1 =  Slightly resistant
2 =  No penalty to slight bonus.
3 =  Takes extra damage

The table shows an average of weaknesses across all body parts, to give a general idea of which element is most effective; you should learn the details (strategy, item drops / rewards, breakable body parts, spawn locations) of more challenging monsters in order to effectively hunt them.

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