Kylara_Gaming's Parlour: Interview's With The Warcraft Community 2

Kylara_Gaming’s Parlour: Interview’s With The Warcraft Community


Elena aka Kylara

Kylara is a prominent figure in the Warcraft Instagram community. Her Instagram bio reads as follows:

Cat mom, gamer
Soul mate@unidessgaming


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It’s little surprise then, that the reasons that make Kylara prominent, align perfectly with her spotlight-venture; shining a light on other creators… those reasons; she’s friendly, keenly interested and supportive and so, hosting what feels like a written podcast of sorts, is exactly the kind of thing Kylara is perfect for.

She knows what to ask because she does her research; she knows how to ask because she takes the time to form bonds with her guests, and she is consistent – so the content keeps coming; I’ve supported Kylara since I made a “Congrats on 100 Followers” post on Instagram a while back – roughly 1000 members ago! – so I’ve been fortunate to not only enjoy her posts but also be inspired by witnessing her consistency.

As is the case with everybody, life makes twists, takes turns, and our time is divided; some would say “life gets in the way”; perhaps even Kylara might phrase it that way. Sure, it’s only semantics…but I would disagree in her case, for one simple reason: her presence is always felt in the Instagram community. Even if she doesn’t make a post. That is both a huge compliment to what she has posted over the past couple of years (ish) – but it’s also a testament to how many people have been touched by those posts in some way … whether it’s #shoutouts, or keeping the energy going on a WoW Challenge, she has maintained a consistency that’s rarely seen – especially when it’s not for her own gain; she just loves being part of the community and making a positive impact. That’s why inspiration is so powerful – whether it’s artistic, creative, idea-generating inspiration – of which there are many creators on Instagram – or whether it’s feeling better about your day because somebody was nice to you and you see them frequently dedicate their time to making the community feel more fun, energized and happy.