Yuna laughs her way into Dissidia Final Fantasy NT this week

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Plus a new map

Good on Square Enix for continuing to support Dissidia NT PS4. Sure a lot of it is with paid DLC, but they’ve tried to bring the game into the fold with a free version in some regions and dole out a heap of free content like levels and balance changes.

The latest big patch heralds the paid Yuna as a fighter (the fifth season pass character), as well as the “Final Battlefield” map for all. So far the season pass has added Vayne, Locke and Rinoa, Kam’lanaut. One more premium combatant is on the way.

Seeing Yuna cross over in anything brings back a ton of memories, as I used Tidus, Yuna and Auron as my main party members in X. For as much as I joke about the laughing scene, Final Fantasy X is one of my favorite JRPGs of all time. Great music, great locales, great characters: plus, most of the downs like Blitzball can be ignored. I’m glad it got a remaster and its legacy continues.

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