‘Shop Contest: Katamari Rolls Everywhere, Winners!

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Katamari Damacy Rerolled is out on Switch now, and it’s had me thinking about where that big, weird ball is gonna roll next. I asked you all to show me what’s getting rolled up next.

There’s nothing better than a big ole ball of trash running around the video game universe. Despite the fact that the Prince is having to do some real sucky work for his dad The King of All Cosmos, he has a good spirit about him and is generally interested in balling things up so that his dad can kick them up into the sky to make some new stars. And you all made some starts out of games.

Our winner this week is this truly spectacular work by Cartoonivore. It’s all the characters from Smash. Here they are, all rolled up. This is a feat of skill and strength that we can all, I think, get behind and enjoy. Great work.

But that wasn’t the only big ball of characters that was made this week. While you can go look at the original post for all of the entries, here are some honorable mentions.

Done With Kinja did the unthinkable and put all the forts together.

tombuctu rolled up the power players of the game industry into a big waving, talkin’ ball.

handsome-and-marble have crammed all of the heroes together. This was Thanos’s plan all along!

Chelsea of Tranquility has presented me with a conundrum: what sound does that ball make?

Bob found a mask ball.

Arai-the fly on the wall is helping.

sciteach has revealed that this, in fact, is the most terrifying thing of all.

rogueIndy found that big ole moon.

Mortal Dictata has found the real-world experience of Katamari Damacy, and it sucks.

cecil_banon found the scariest version of the Prince.

Satanael is being attacked by the most vicious beast the a Fallout game has to offer.

Barry Wombleton has shown us the defenders of the Earth.

NegaScott128 has identified a challenger.

Chris Bachmann knows fear.

And that’s all for this week! Tune back in tomorrow for a new ‘Shop Contest. Thanks to everyone for participating!

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