P.T. remake for PC is playable, perfectly scary

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P.T. remake for PC is playable, perfectly scary 1

The story of P.T., Hideo Kojima’s “playable teaser” for the canceled project , is one of the console generation’s most tragic. The beautiful, surreal, terrifying horror game was available as a free download until Kojima’s infamous exit from publisher Konami led to the company taking it off the PlayStation Store. If you don’t already have it on your PlayStation 4, too bad; there will never again be an easy way to download it.

So it’s nice that P.T. fan and 17-year-old developer is working on giving everyone another chance to play the cult classic PS4 game.

They’ve released the first build of a planned full remake of the game for Windows PC. Even in its alpha state, P.T. for PC looks dang pretty — and scary. Very scary. (Also, note in the very beginning a random shoutout to a recently deceased rapper. OK, sure.)

Above is a playthrough of the free downloadable build, which Qimsar has made available on GameJolt. It shows a take on the game that borrows the same staccato movement, quick-turn camera changes and infinitely looping hallway. P.T. lovers may find themselves in awe of the similarities; newcomers will probably get the chills.

Qimsar’s progress on the project is impressive, whether or not we take their age into account. They talked about how much work they’ve put into the remake already in a Reddit thread.

“Prior to having started this project, I’ve only had 6 hours of experience with the Unreal Engine […] and this is my first game. In total, I’ve spent about 140 hours on this and on the way, I’ve had to force myself to learn how to do a ton of things,” they wrote.

“Also, I’m 17 so if that adds any to my street cred, then there it is.”

As is often the case with fan games, the developer also acknowledged that a takedown is possible. If Konami hits the port with a copyright strike, Qimsar promises to “personally upload” the remake to anyone who wants to try it out.

A self-proclaimed PC remake of P.T. from January remains available to download on GameJolt, however, which may portend good news for Qimsar’s project. The key difference here is that SmoggyChips’ take is called Corridors, although it does bill itself as a port of P.T.

Barring any DMCA notices, Qimsar plans to keep updating the game. Keep an eye out on their GameJolt account for newer versions, and to download the first build now.


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