Nintendo Switch Operating System Video Appears After Console Accidentally Sent Out Early

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A retailer has accidentally sent out a Nintendo Switch two weeks ahead of launch, it would seem.

NeoGAF user hiphoptherobot today posted a picture on the forum, claiming they had been sent a system early. To prove this, they’ve since published a video showing the initial setup process for the system, as well as its main menu and settings. We’d gotten a brief look at its menu a few times before, but much of this is new.

You can see all of this in the video above. It’s possible Nintendo will force it to be taken down, but it remains online as of this writing.

Perhaps most importantly, we learn the system apparently has 25.9 GB of free space out of the box. This can be expanded further with microSDXC cards up to 2 TB in size.

As for how this ended up in their hands, hiphoptherobot says they simply got lucky.

“[I]t isn’t like I grabbed it off the back of a truck or anything,” they wrote. “I just happened to get lucky because unnamed store decided to ship early for whatever reason.”

They noted that they were contemplating selling it to make up for the cost of home repairs but expressed concern that Nintendo could intervene.

Switch officially launches worldwide on March 3 for $300.

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