Free PS4 PS Plus Games For July 2018 Now Available

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Free PS4 PS Plus Games For July 2018 Now Available

PS Plus subscribers can now grab six more free games across Sony’s platforms.

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A new month is now officially underway, and with it comes another batch of free titles for PlayStation Plus subscribers. As per usual, July’s PS Plus lineup consists of six games divided up across PS4, PS3, and Vita, all of which are available to download at no charge through the end of the month.

Headlining PS4’s selection of freebies is Heavy Rain, the narrative-driven game from Detroit: Become Human developer Quantic Dream. Heavy Rain originally launched for PS3 back in 2010 and was re-released on Sony’s current-gen console in 2016. Joining it is Absolver, a unique and flexible third-person adventure/fighting game in which players can fully customize their fighting style.

On the PS3 side, Plus subscribers can now download the classic 3D platformer Rayman 3 HD, as well as Extreme Exorcism, a retro-style platformer in which players hunt their own ghosts. Extreme Exorcism is available in place of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess, which was initially announced to be one of this month’s free PS Plus titles. The game is also playable on PS4 via Cross-Buy.

Finally, Vita owners can download the acclaimed adventure game Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma and the action game Space Overlords for free this month. Like Extreme Exorcism, the latter also supports Cross-Buy with PS4, getting you four possible freebies on that platform in July.

All of the aforementioned games will remain free to download for PS Plus members until next month, when they’ll return to their regular prices. You can see the full list of July’s free PS Plus games below. Subscribers also still have a few more days to grab another game at no charge, Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Activision’s first-person shooter will remain free for PS Plus members through July 11.

July 2018 PS Plus Games


  • Absolver
  • Extreme Exorcism (Cross-Buy)
  • Heavy Rain
  • Space Overlords (Cross-Buy)


  • Extreme Exorcism
  • Rayman 3 HD
  • Space Overlords (Cross-Buy)


  • Space Overlords
  • Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

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