Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha Is Live On PC, See Some Gameplay Here

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Battlefield 5 Closed Alpha Is Live On PC, See Some Gameplay Here 1

EA has shared details on Battlefield V’s first closed alpha. The limited-time test began on Thursday, June 28, and allows certain players to try out the upcoming World War II shooter ahead of its release later this fall, including a portion of one Grand Operation.

According to Battlefield’s official website, the closed alpha will be available on PC and can only be joined by invitation, which EA says were distributed to a “small group” of Battlefield players. The invitations will contain a code to download the alpha client, which must be redeemed via Origin in order to get in.

Those who do get invited to participate in the closed alpha will be able to try two of Battlefield V’s modes: Conquest and Grand Operation Fall of Norway. The former is the classic Battlefield multiplayer mode that pits two teams against each other in a struggle to seize control of key points on the map, while Grand Operation is a narrative-driven multiplayer experience that encompasses different maps and gametypes.

Fall of Norway, the Grand Operation featured in the closed alpha, is set on the Arctic Fjord map. Players will be able to try two of its modes: Airborne and Breakthrough. Depending on your side, Airborne will have players either drop onto the map to combat enemy artillery or stop the incoming troops, while Breakthrough tasks them with capturing sectors or defending against the attacking side.

EA also says that participants will be able to undertake one Special Assignment and several Daily Orders during the closed alpha. The Special Assignment is made up of several in-game tasks, and completing it rewards players with a special Battlefield V dog tag that will appear in their profile when the full game launches.

Daily Orders, on the other hand, are smaller objectives that players can complete while playing, such as damaging enemy vehicles or killing a certain class of enemy. EA says that no rewards will be offered for completing Daily Orders during the closed alpha, but players will be able to earn them in the full game.

You can read more details about the closed alpha on the game’s website. Battlefield V is slated to launch for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 19, but those who purchase the Deluxe edition will get access to it three days early, on October 16. For more details on the game’s various editions, check out our Battlefield V pre-order guide.


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