Guide / Fix: Selling Soulbound Items (Until TSM4 / TradeSkillMaster Groups Is Updated To Vendor Them)

At time of writing I'm new to TSM4 but in the pursuit of learning, I've been coming up with ideas that would be nice to have, generally finding out it's not possible (but used to be) and then figuring out a way to accomplish what I want.

That preface is required so you know that you're not dealing with a savant of the TSM community ... or an expert in any of the related fields.

I thought of a workaround; use Loot Appraiser, in it's config, name a TSM group, then Loot Appraiser's Sell buton will factor that group in.

The problem with this is that you need to bring up the Loot Appraiser window - while this isn't a big deal, I'm alway seeking the most optimal / automateed / quickest way to deal with the issue, beacuse time is money friend .. so lets save time by automating as many things as possible.

The superior solution: ArkInventory (Rules)

First of all, even if you don't want to sell soulbound items, I recommend widening the scope of what rules you can create, with an awareness of BfA by using this addon (MoreRules).

ArkInventory is my favourite Inventory Add-On, and has been since I discovered it. It isn't as popular as Bagnon - I presume because it doesn't become the wonderful work of art that it is, without some configuration at first. So if you don't and won't use ArkInventory, consider the LootApprsaier solution above.... or head over to TSM's forums and let the devs know you want this functionality back (apparently in TSM previously you could sell soulbound gear; as I say - I'm new to using TSM so I don't personally know).

The solution is quite simple if you're already using ArkInventory; just assign a group to a rule which tells ArkInventory to autosell anything inside that group. That's the solution to selling soulbound items via autosell rather than vendoring your items 1 by 1.

The rules for the group are up to you....

That doesn't involve TSM very much, so here's the tip of an iceberg for you - ArkInventory "knows about" TSM, so you can create rules based on an item's market value; this is great if you want to organise your bags in a way that''s reactive to the market value of items: exactly how or why you do this, is up to you and your goals. I don't have any strong recommendations at this point as I'm still learning about Rules and TSM ... and how to export WoW Models and render them in Blender or Cinema4D, and how to create the ultimate minimal WoW UI and how to overclock my GPU but make it MORE stable despite running faster and also.... etc.. so my plate is too full to recommend anything specific for you right now.

So far, I have it put any Weapon or Armor with a market value of 150 gold or more in a separate group. This will prevent me from accidentally endorsing anything I would like to auction because my mouse will simply be too far away to click an item accidentally.

The added benefit of this is that when you are managing your Inventory, you can clearly see a collection of weapons and armor which you will be selling at a later date...your inventory awareness will go up by default because you get an at-a-glance view of how many items you're carrying that are Auction-fodder. That doesn't seem like a direct benefit, because it isn't... it's a meta-benefit; like taking the same route to a location every day, you will go from nervously checking Google Maps to make sure you're en route... to taking a casual stroll and playing games on your mobile etc.. Why is that beneficial? It just is.

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite!

By pure chance I read a YouTube comment which informed that After Effects actually comes with Cinema4D Lite. Much like our Blood Elf-friend below, I was completely in the dark to the fact.

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite! 2 Guides
If you understandably don't want to read a whole bunch of text... the above is a tease of my progress... skip down below to see more ...

Legit or industry 3D Artists, this is common news ... I was oblivious; that's the slight drawback with learning completely separate things in parallel, you don't invest time in the foundation ... however this is only 24 hours apart, and the percentage of those 24 hours dedicated to the 3D stuff is maybe 5% at most... so I'm content with paying that price, at least while we have somewhat of a luxury of time due to quarantine.

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite! 3 Guides
This demonstrates that I've at least learned how to create and control lighting in Cinema4D Lite ... our Blood Elf is no longer in the dark .. just like me yadada metaphor etc.

Suffice to say, on an aesthetic level, things have improved dramatically... in terms of knowledge-gained, I haven't invested much time so I don't feel like I've learned a lot, but perhaps I've soaked up a bunch of 'muscle memory' type knowledge through intuition - doesn't matter, what matters is I'm many steps closer to my goal of creating cinematic-quality rendered poses of Warcraft assets ... my next stop is recreating my friend DreneyWoW from Instagram, and then rendering her (character of course) ... I should be close to the Narcissus level of render quality, and after that, I'll be on that slingshot and able to surpass anything Narcissus can do (don't let that sell the Narcissus add-on short though! It's incredible that a WoW Add-On can do what it can do... but that's the reason for this challenge; if everybody else can do it, I don't create anything that stands out from the crowd... and when I'm handling somebody else's character, as odd as it sounds, I want to treat it the way I'd treat the person, and do the project justice.

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite! 4 Guides
Taken from my Instagram story, posted on the same day as this blog post.

Based on "Yesterday", of course, I wouldn't use that render in a scene composition... I could arguably take "Today" render, into Photoshop, and create a scene, and I believe it would be on par with Narcissus... but that's not my goal, I need my next render to look back at Narcissus screenshots, way in the rear-view, comfortable in the knowledge that anything created from this point onwards, requires knowledge in a all this 'geeky 'stuff - most hobbyists aren't as masochistic as I am, and they won't invest the time. The actual 3D Artists are capable of much better than what I will ever be, but I'm ok with that... I'm not swimming in that pool, I'm swimming with the game players and screenshot takers, not the experience and sometimes professional 3D artists... much like they are probably not building web software, or experimenting with their computer setup to make it faster and more stable simultaneously (in other words, like a free GPU upgrade) ... or <pick one of the numerous random things I've been doing since C19 kicked in)>.

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite! 5 Guides
This doesn't look great; much like my first render from yesterday, however it represents a BIG DEAL: that blur, is depth of field... it's one of the most powerful tools for creating photographs and making them look professional... basically that blurry background while things up close look nice and sharp, so it looks like it was taken on a fancy camera by a professional... when really it's just blurring stuff and leaving other stuff alone.... to the above, prior to today, I would select the background and apply a Gaussian Blur in Photoshop, creating fake depth... even though this is a 3D Model, so it's not a photograph or reality, it is "real" depth of field... the camera which took this picture is not focussed on the Elf, so she appears blurry... I didn't apply a "blur" effect to the image. Hopefully that makes sense... I'm a marketer and web developer, not a 3D Artist, so there's a good chance I get my terminology mixed up. Hence this isn't a tutorial... it's a diary entry; a snapshot of my progress to look back on in future and hopefully inspire other people to see how much you can improve in a short space of time, while doing a bunch of other things ... btw Onyxia's Reigns dropped for me yesterday while I was writing a tutorial on creating a Minimal Warcraft UI... I took that as a sign, I was paid for my time (... not really but that's 11 years in the making!)

To reference a phrase I've used in an as-yet-unpublished (but 2000 words deep) blog post... I'm hijacking my ego, to make me learn this stuff... it represents other people's in-game toons, I don't want to make them look bad, that makes me look bad... it's all just ego in reality, but I'm trying to exploit my own desire to look good - and to face up to that reality that I would rather be liked, that not liked, and use what would normally be a negative ('arrogance' or 'naivety' because of a lack of 'self awareness', all seem like components in the that unwanted aspect of being 'egotistical').

FarhMhud + Routes: Zin’anthid. Akunda’s Bite. Winter’s Kiss. Sea Stalk. Riverbud. Siren’s Pollen. Star Moss. Anchor Weed. Monelite Ore. Storm Silver Ore. Osmenite Ore


Zin’anthid. Akunda’s Bite. Winter’s Kiss. Sea Stalk. Riverbud. Siren’s Pollen. Star Moss. Anchor Weed. Monelite Ore. Storm Silver Ore. Osmenite Ore

Zin’anthidAkunda’s Bite
Winter’s KissSea Stalk
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Install FarMhud

RiverbudSiren’s Pollen
Star MossAnchor Weed
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Install GatherMate 2 & Data

Monelite OreStorm Silver Ore
Osmenite OreFind More 🔍
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