Chris D'elia - July 2020 - The Story So Far

The latest on the Chris D'elia alleged under aged texts and grooming saga as of July 2020.

Conclusive (with receipts): Chris D'Elia's exchanged e-mails with three girls; he asked their age and turned them down if they were under 18.
Rick Glassman, Erik Griffin - Discussing Chris D'elia, Whitney Cummings
Chris D'elia - July 2020 - The Story So Far 1 Podcasts
July 2nd 2020: Google's Take on the Late #ChrisDeliaIsOverParty News
Chris D'elia - July 2020 - The Story So Far 2 Podcasts
Theo Von in Bhad Bhabie's Music Video Featuring Creepy Predator Guy; hopefully not method acting.

Joe Rogan Remains Silent on His (presumably) Friends Misconduct

While many comedians have condemned Chris D'Elia's allegedly predatory behaviour, the most high-profile podcaster in the world has remained silent. This won't come as a surprise to long-time listeners of Joe; he's adept at walking the line of playing it safe while seeming edgy. To be honest he has a cowardly streak when it comes to taking a firm stance unless he has the backup of mainstream media. On the contrary, around peers, he'll make a concerted effort to argue with them - typical bully mindset.

That said - when I saw him in Manchester performing at some run-down comedy club, I forget the name, I made him laugh by making Mars Attacks alien noises. Therefore, my weak ego gives him a pass for being a pussy.