Mike Tyson Roy Jones Are Streaming Comeback Fight LIVE

Just 24 hours to go before livestreaming of Roy Jones and Mike Tyson’s fight and we’re still not certain whether it’s a fight, an “exhibition”, a sparring session or something of a hybrid. The round-length is 2 minutes instead of 3, that’s for sure. On one-hand that’s 33% less value for money… on the other, […]

World of Warcraft

Afterlives: Ardenweald – Did you cry?

Afterlives: Ardenweald Within the forests of Ardenweald, keepers tend to their groves, caring for the Nature Spirits who await their rebirth. But as one keeper fights to protect his dying grove in a time of drought, he is faced with a terrible choice. There is no concept of time in the afterlife. A lifetime for […]

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A Rare Look at Gochao the Ironfist – The Rare Mob Hidden in a Cave

Gochao looks great; his armour is high resolution – as much as MoP offered; it’s intricate, ornate, full of detail … and ironically you probably won’t see much of it. Until now…

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Covid19 Face Masks – Stylish Warcraft Designs: Are We Already Damned?

It THIS Torghast? Is a trip to Tesco now a trip to Torghast? What do I think about wearing masks? I think it’s a good idea, a dangerous idea, and (assuming they work), I think they’re capable of saving lives – sadly they manifest one of the most evil aspects of the Internet, into the […]