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What Is ShadowLands Warlock Like (so Far)?

World of Warcraft, Gaming

Preach gaming takes us through the state of Affliction Warlock in Shadowlands (Alpha). The most striking change is the shift back towards dot-heavy damage output, which is what I remember of Affliction Warlocks (I played Warlock as my…

Monster Hunter World: Day and Night Cycle (Timelapse Video)


Take a look at the day / night cycle in Monster Hunter World. I stood AFK for 20 minutes to capture 24 seconds of video footage – enjoy!

FFXiv “Why Did You Become An Adventurer?” – Intro Dialogue (Ring Of Fortune)

Gaming, Final Fantasy XIV

Within the first few minutes of starting FFXIV you’ll be presented with a question which actually has implications on the game – much like Dark Souls, you can choose an item to start with. You will receive a ring, with different stats dependant on your response. This post explains what your options are and what the best choice is.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes (5.25): Save The Queen & Stysteel

Gaming, Final Fantasy XIV, MMO, PC, PS4

The new patch introduces a new quest series, providing upgradeable equipment. The Save the Queen: Blades of Gunnhildr has been added which you can watch below – it took around an hour to complete, obviously avoid watching if you don’t want any spoilers. There is also Skysteel Tool Quests to satiate your FFXIV hunger and if you’re looking for dessert, look no further than the new Design Contest.