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My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender … and now Cinema4D Lite!

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A snapshot off my progress in exporting from Wow Model Viewer, into 3D Editors / Renderers like Blender3D and now Cinema4D Lite, to create awesome, cinematic-quality scenes … in order to get ahead of those darn Narcissus users ( /joke; I love that add-on – it’s spurred me on to learn these skills!.

Final Fantasy XIV May 2020 Event – The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen

Gaming, Final Fantasy XIV, MMO, PC, PS4

The worlds of Final Fantasy XIV and Final Fantasy XI are coming together today for “The Maiden’s Rhapsody: Memories of an Unseen Realm” collaboration event. Final Fantasy XIV players can check it out now until June 22. The…

Why I Love This COMPLETELY FREE OF Charge Video Editor : VirtualDub 2020 (h264 mp4 NVenc X264VFW)

Video Editing

This Post Is Work In Progress: Please Check Back Soon; it has all of the required information to be very useful but it is not perfect yet. Since my earliest days editing videos, pre-dating the likes of Adobe…