Chris D'elia - July 2020 - The Story So Far 1

Chris D’elia – July 2020 – The Story So Far

The latest on the Chris D’elia alleged under aged texts and grooming saga as of July 2020. Conclusive (with receipts): Chris D’Elia’s exchanged e-mails with three girls; he asked their age and turned them down if they were under 18. D’Elia has been accused by multiple women of emailing them inappropriately, asking them for nude photographs or to ‘make out’ …

FFXIV ACN / Arcanist 1 to 15 2

FFXIV ACN / Arcanist 1 to 15

tl;dr: WoW veteran plays to level 15 in FFXIV as Arcanist, great experience (pun intended) – concludes that anybody trying out FFXIV should play to Level 15 with the goal of visiting The Hall of the Novice. Getting into a routine with World of Warcraft (something I personally need; routine – otherwise I’ll likely drift off to something else); as …

Warcraft Screenshot Showing ArkInvetory Rules

Guide / Fix: Selling Soulbound Items (Until TSM4 / TradeSkillMaster Groups Is Updated To Vendor Them)

At time of writing I’m new to TSM4 but in the pursuit of learning, I’ve been coming up with ideas that would be nice to have, generally finding out it’s not possible (but used to be) and then figuring out a way to accomplish what I want. That preface is required so you know that you’re not dealing with a …

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender ... and now Cinema4D Lite! 3 Cinema4D Lite, How To Render Warcraft Models in Blender or Cinema 4D, Narcissus WoW Addon, Warcraft Models Into Blender, WoW Model Viewer

My Progress With WoW Model Viewer / Blender … and now Cinema4D Lite!

A snapshot off my progress in exporting from Wow Model Viewer, into 3D Editors / Renderers like Blender3D and now Cinema4D Lite, to create awesome, cinematic-quality scenes … in order to get ahead of those darn Narcissus users ( /joke; I love that add-on – it’s spurred me on to learn these skills!.