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_mirialani_: Instagram Inspirational Posts – Twitter & Instagram (Warcraft) (LiveLifeHappy)

Live Life Happy is full of inspiring and uplifting quotes – _mirialani_ wisely uses some of these to fuel her desire to promote an inspirational positive environment on Instagram and Twitch. Being a cynical brit that’s a bit less inclined to #inspo unfortunately, trust me to playfully post the likes of: Whereas mirialani […]

Gaming Moved Host! Test Post & kylaragamersations

This is just a quick post; we have moved web host to a faster web host so the site loads more quickly; the bigger plans for the site, including the community area and inclusion of other great gaming and warcraft content such as: were simply not feasible on the previous web-host; the site looks quite […]

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How To Fix Stuttering YouTube With World of Warcraft (Second Monitor)

Sometime around 2019 an issue with nVidia graphics cards and World of Warcraft started to occur. Numerous issues, such as flickering textures unless you switch to DirectX11 (or disable shadows). Another is prevalent amongst the ADHD/ADD/WHATEVER compulsion community, who aren’t stimulated enougb by playing World of Warcraft, and need secondary entertainment courtesy of YouTube. Playing […]

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How To Fix Lio The Lioness – Bugged – Quest Won’t Complete / Can’t Hand In

How to fix Lio the Lioness quest when you can’t hand it in / it doesn’t complete, top 3 fixes.


UFC260 Francis Ngannou vs Stipe Miocic Results – ANDNEW

Ngannou avenged his loss in grand style. The UFC has a new world heavyweight champion, and he may also be the new “Baddest Man on the Planet.” Stipe Miocic was knocked out in the second round by Francis Ngannou in the main event of UFC 260 at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas just after […]

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Alliance and Horde Soldiers(Wey Wong)